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Center for New Directions in Politics and Public Policy

Denver Program Course Schedule


Currently, all of the Center's courses are held at the Liniger Building at CU South Denver (Wildlife Experience), located at 10035 S Peoria St, Parker, CO 80134.  For current and forthcoming semester course schedules, current and newly accepted students should be using the shopping cart inside the UCDAccess portal.  Fall Downtown Students –use the Fall Schedule of Courses to view what classes are offered for the Fall semester. Keep in mind this list is just a view and all courses are subject to change.

The preferred program entry point is an introductory course, Politics, Public Policy, & Leadership, which provides an important overview of the discipline of political science,   with a special emphasis on the topics listed in the course name: Politics, Public Policy, & Leadership. The purpose of this course is to further develop each participant’s personal administrative leadership philosophy in order to better meet the many challenges as well as opportunities expected to be encountered in the changing demands and expectations of the public and nonprofit workplaces of the future.

There is no requirement that a student must take the courses in the order they are offered based on the cohort with which he/she started the program. The scheduling, however, is designed so as to enable the participant to complete his/her particular program, (i.e., masters, baccalaureate, certificate) within the time period promised by enrolling in an average of two courses each semester and by taking the prescribed courses for that student's cohort in the order they are offered. Please see director to see what cohort you will be in.

Additional Core/ Required Courses- 12 credit Hours (Four Courses)—Courses are subject to change

American Politics

Local Governance & Globalization or Comparative Public Policy

American Political Thought

Research Methods for Political Science


Supportive Electives- 12 Credit Hours Required (Four Courses) - Courses are subject to change

Public Priorities for the 21st Century

Organizational Change Agents

The Legislative Process

Ethical Responsibilities of Leaders

Conflict Resolution and Public Consent Building

State Politics: Focus on Colorado

Politics of the Budgetary Process

Environmental Politics and Policy

Beyond Political Correctness

Local Government and Administration


The Master’s Project (Program Capstone) - 3 credit hours


The Master's Project comprises three semester hours of credit. The Research Methods for Political Science course helps the student to develop the research proposal for the Master's Project Independent Study. A faculty advisor/Project Committee chair provides additional guidance toward completion of the individually-devised Master's Project papers, expected to be 45-50 pages in length. Students are encouraged to utilize their Master’s Projects to address a real need, problem, or area of concern of a community or within a public or nonprofit entity.