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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Math and Science Learning and Education

Upcoming Events

​The Math and Science Learning and Education (MSLE) Consortium will meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 11am-12pm in SI 4127.  On occasion, invited speakers may be scheduled outside this timeframe to accommodate special interests.  Following is a summary of upcoming events that should be of interest to MSLE members:

Upcoming Events
Liz Schultheis, Michigan State University​
Data Nuggets: Bringing Real Data into the Classroom to Unearth Students' Quantitative & Inquiry Skills
May 5th, SI 4127, 11am-12:30pm
Data Nuggets ( are classroom activities, co-designed by graduate students and teachers, which give students practice interpreting quantitative information and making claims based on evidence. They are created from ongoing scientific research and provide a brief background on a scientist and their study system, a dataset from their research, and challenge students to answer a scientific question using the dataset to support their claim. The goal of Data Nuggets is to engage students in the practices of science through an innovative approach that combines scientific content from authentic research with key concepts in quantitative reasoning. To assess the efficacy of Data Nuggets we plan to conduct an efficacy study to determine if students who use Data Nuggets demonstrate: (1) A deeper understanding of quantitative reasoning in the context of science, (2) Improved understanding of the practices and processes of science, particularly in the areas of analyzing and interpreting data and using mathematics and computational thinking, (3) Greater engagement in the practices of science in the classroom, and (4) Greater motivation to engage in science and improved general interest in science. The evidence from this study will demonstrate whether short, targeted interventions of classroom activities embedded within a typical curriculum can impact student outcomes.