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2017 Theme: Conflict and Compromise
Sample Topic Ideas

The Elementary Poster Contest is the newest addition to the National History Day in Colorado program.

Poster Contest is a scaled-down version of the History Day exhibit category, and is specifically designed to prepare students in the upper grades of elementary school to complete History Day projects in middle and high school. The contest is open to 4th and 5th graders, and must be done on a Colorado History topic that relates to the following year’s theme. Completing a poster allows students to pursue topics that interest them, learn how to write thesis statements regarding those topics, and then demonstrate the significance of their topic in history and its relation to the theme through evidence. Students accomplish this by investigating primary sources of various formats (e.g. photos, interviews, newspaper articles, maps, quotations, etc., as well as secondary sources. Ultimately, when students construct their final posters, they should incorporate their evidence into their own words, while using meaningful quotations and other primary source text in order to support their thesis statement.  It should be noted that the poster is not included in any of the middle and high school CU Denver National History Day in Colorado Contests.

Click here​ to access the informational booklet on the Poster Contest

Did You Know that the Elementary Poster Contest Can Help Teachers Meet the Standards?
The process of creating even a scaled down History Day experience exposes students to research, critical thinking, critical reading, and more. Click here​ to look at how the Poster Contest aligns with state 4th & 5th grade standards. 

Other Useful Classroom Tools for the Poster Contest