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National History Day in Colorado

Rules of Argument

Always state your argument quickly and concisely, as early as possible in the presentation of your project.
When you make an assertion essential to your case, provide some examples as evidence.
Always give the fairest possible treatment to those against whom you may be arguing.
Always admit weakness in your argument and acknowledge those facts that opponents might raise against your position.
Stay on the subject throughout the project so your argument is not submerged meaningless detail.
Argument Checklist

Help From Your Friendly Librarian

Book a Librarian is a one-on-one free consultation with one of our experienced, professional librarians that lasts approximately 30 minutes. Our librarians speak three languages, English, Russian and Spanish, and are prepared to help you with your History Day research. 

To sign up for a Book a Librarian session: Click on the “Book a Librarian” link in the page footer under “Help.” 

Or call us: 303-542-7279 to set up your appointment today!

Davies Library patrons should call 303-769-4310;

Kelver Library patrons should call 303-822-9392.