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National History Day in Colorado

Internet Research Skills

A guide to using the Internet for History Day research

The internet is a valuable research tool and an increasingly important source of both primary and secondary source information available for students to use when developing their History Day projects. Unlike more traditional print sources, however, virtually unlimited access to the internet means that students are confronted with a dizzying amount of information at their fingertips, information that may or may not be reliable. The possibility of being led astray by partisan or biased web-page authors or unintentionally misusing unreliable information found on the internet has become a concern for students, teachers, and History Day judges.

Colorado History Day has constructed this guide in order to assist you, students and teachers, in using the internet as a source of information for Colorado History Day projects. The information that you will find on this web page is not the last word on the use of the internet for History Day projects, but should provide a useful and handy guide on how to evaluate web pages as sources and how to properly integrate information found on web pages into your History Day projects.

If you find useful sites that are not on our list, let us know and we'll add it. If one of the links on the list has expired or does not work, make sure to let us know so we can remove it.

Special thanks to Gerald Ronning for creating this guide.


Evaluating Internet Sites: Some tips on how to judge web sites.

Primary and Secondary Sources: How to identify primary and secondary sources on the Internet.

Useful Research Links and Internet History Sites: Descriptions of some of the types of web sites that may be helpful.