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National History Day in Colorado

Denver Public Library

Did you know that the Denver Public Library is available to everyone in Colorado?  You do not need to be a resident of Denver to access its amazing resources.
The DPL is a proud partner of the National History Day in Colorado program.  Do you know that
·         The Denver Public Library is the largest public library between Chicago and Los Angeles. 
·         The Central Branch has almost 50 linear miles of shelving, and houses over two million items in its collection.
·         The DPL is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top public libraries.
·         The Western History and Genealogy Department is one of the finest and most comprehensive collections in its field. 
·         The DPL is a Federal depository, with an extensive historical collection.
·         The Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library located at 24th & Welton in Denver houses a unique collection related to African Americans in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain West.
The Denver Public Library and Your History Day Research
All students are welcome to use the DPL and its sources for independent research.  Additionally, librarians are eager to help History Day students look beyond Google and find unique and elusive primary sources that are essential for competitive NHD projects.  DPL’s resources include dozens of subscription databases with premium content; thousands of reference books, bound periodicals, microfilm and microfiche on every topic imaginable; and two million Federal government documents. Cardholders can also request items from other library systems. Librarians are pros at finding the proverbial needle in the vast haystack that those library collections represent.
These services are not limited to Denver residents.   Students must have a My Denver Card (for Denver residents age 5-18) or a DPL library card (available to non-residents) to borrow books or access subscription databases.  For information on the My Denver Card or the DPL library card go to
Once students choose their topics and have a general understanding of them, they can contact a librarian at:
With a couple of weeks’ notice, librarians are also available to provide research workshops for groups of 30 or fewer.  Topics can include basic library research; what is microfilm and how to use it; accessing newspaper archives; finding sources unique to the DPL, and much more. Teachers and students can book an appointment with a librarian or inquire about a workshop by submitting this request form:
Doing a project on Japanese Internment? Click here to see a library guide to Japanese-American Internment.


Arapahoe Libraries

Book a Librarian is a one-on-one free consultation with one of our experienced, professional librarians that lasts approximately 30 minutes. Our librarians speak three languages, English, Russian and Spanish, and are prepared to help you with your History Day research. 
To sign up for a Book a Librarian session:
Arapahoe Libraries: Click on the “Book a Librarian” link in the page footer under “Help.”

    • Or call us: 303-542-7279 to set up your appointment today!
  • Davies Library patrons should call 303-769-4310
  • Kelver Library patrons should call 303-822-9392