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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Colorado History Day
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(May 6th 2017)


Important Information


NHDC Wall of Fame!


Congratulations to Our Colorado National Winners!


Isabella Bowland from Fairview High School took home the silver for her Senior Individual Performance, "On Track to Citizenship: The Exploration, Encounter, and Symbolic Exchange of the Wanamaker Expedition of Citizenship to the North American Indian." Way to go!

George Washington High School student John Woodliff-Stanley received a scholarship to the University of Maryland. Congratulations!

Colorado students also represented in the Special Awards!

  • Fairview students Solomon Bloomfield, Philip Ding, Jaden Hoechstetter, and Ariana Konstantopolous won best senior project on Asian-American History for their exhibit, "An 'Exclusive' Encounter: The Denver Anti-Chinese Riot and the Chinese Exclusion Act." 
  • Ethan Rokke from Palmer Ridge High School won best project on Marine Corps history for his website, "The Barbary War: America's Birth as a Global Power." 
We are also proud of our Colorado finalists!


  • 4th Place Junior Paper: Kaylan Wait, 
    Durango, CO, Escalante Middle School
    Teacher(s): Rob Javier, John Hise, 
    Entry - Revolutionary Rum​
    Winner: Best Junior Project in State for Colorado

  • 4th Place Senior Group Performance: Camryn Daidone, Brynn Gauthier, Audrey Roberts, Mia Nelson, 
    Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts
    Teacher(s): Ed Glassman, 
    Entry - Nixon's 1972 Visit to China: Exploring Cold War Compromise, Encountering Normalized Relations, and Creating a Lasting Legacy of Economic and Political Exchange ​
    ​Winner: Best Senior Project in State for Colorado

  • 5th Place Senior Group Exhibit: Jojo Rita, Maddie Rohner, 
    Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts
    Teacher(s): Ed Glassman, 
    Entry - The Atoms for Peace Program: An Exploration in Peaceful Proliferation​

  • 7th Place Junior Group Exhibit: Morgan Monack, Aria Pasquin, Salem Simerville, Pueblo, CO, Connect Charter School
    Teacher(s): Cathy Mizicko, 
    Entry - Exploration of Dog Training Sets Up "Seeing Eye" Exchange​
  • 8th Place Junior Individual Exhibit: Shanlla Remtulla, 
    Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts
    Teacher(s): Ed Glassman, 
    Entry - The Black Plague: The Monumental Exchange of Disease in Europe​

  • 8th Place Senior Paper: Emma Perkins, 
    Boulder, CO, Fairview High School
    Teacher(s): Leigh Campbell-Hale, Scott Peoples, 
    Entry - Bent's Fort: An Outpost for Cultural Exchange and Exploration of the West​

  • 9th Place Senior Individual Exhibit: Avery Brogle, 
    Boulder, CO, Fairview High School
    Teacher(s): Leigh Campbell-Hale, 
    Entry - The Novelty of Nonsense: The Whimsical Exploration that Revolutionized Children's Literature​

Contact Info

National History Day in Colorado

Mailing Address:
National History Day in Colorado
Department of History
University of Colorado Denver
Campus Box 182, P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364
Physical location:
Student Commons Building 
1201 Larimer Street
Room 3128
Denver, CO 80204

History Department Office
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Phone: (303) 315-1789



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Let us introduce you to Sergio Portesan, our new Interim Assistant Director! Sergio comes to Colorado via Minnesota with a strong recommendation from Mr. History himself! You can reach him at He's ready to answer all of your questions and offer any help with your projects.

2017 National History Day Theme (6-12th grade): Taking a Stand in History

2017 NHDC Poster Contest Theme (4th and 5th grade): Conflict and Compromise

Topic Ideas and Help for Teachers & S​tudents
History Day GO!

Check out "History Day Go," a video produc​ed by Minnesota History Day. This film provides tips and tools to help students identify the perfect History Day project. Click here​ to view!

 The "Taking a Stand in History" Theme Film Series
Are your students struggling to find a topic? NHDC now has a film series to help your students in the classroom. Each week on Monday and Wednesday throughout the fall semester, NHDC will be releasing a short film from a professor, historian, museum curator, political figure, or community member that answers the question, "If I were a History Day student doing a project on Taking a Stand in History, I would choose __________ because." Links to the films will be available here. Also subscribe to our Facebook page to be the first to see the films!​

Click here to see Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's answer!

Click here​ for Tom "Dr. Colorado" Noel

Click here ​for Jamie Wilms of the Molly Brown House Museum

Click here​ for Rebecca Hunt, PhD

Click here​ for Geoffrey Hunt, PhD

Click here for Crisanta Duran, Colorado House Majority Leader

Click here for Steve Friesen of Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

Click here​ for James Walsh, PhD

Click here​ for Patty Limerick, PhD

Click here​ for Dana Crawford of Denver Urban Neighborhoods

Click here for Marjorie Levine-Clark, PhD

Click here for Emily Zinn of Boulder History Museum

Click here​ for Denver City Councilman Christopher Herndon

Click here​ for Raul Cardenas, PhD

Click here for Katie March of Golden History Museums

Click here for Ian Jentz of KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy

Click here for Casey Clay of Early College Academy

Click here​ for Dean Pamela Jansma

For more information on the theme, click here​.


 ​What Is National History Day in Colorado? Check Out Our Video to Learn More!  
Click here​ to view a film highlighting the impact and importance of the NHDC program created by Boulder High School students Whitney Lawless, Emma Chow, and Jenna Richter. ​

NHDC Elementary Poster Contest   
NHDC is excited to announce the 4th/5th grade poster contest for our elementary schools. This year's theme will be Conflict and Compromise.

  2016-2017 Project and Classroom Assistance
  • ​​​ ​​​Looking for project examples? Check out the example page from the national office
  • Teachers: Click here for classroom tools and project development documents 
  • Attention Teachers: Please contact us and we will help you to integrate History Day into your classroom.

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Funding News

Thank you to the Daniels Fund for supporting NHDC. We are proud to be one of the outstanding nonprofits awarded a grant in 2013 & 2014. The Daniels Fund is dedicated to supporting education, aging, disabilities, homelessness, youth development and more through community gra​nts. The Daniels fund also support scholarships to graduating high school seniors. 


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NHD Receives
Medal From
President Obama

Feb. 13, 2012 -- National History Day (NHD), a year-long academic program focused on historical research for 6th to 12th grade students, was awarded the prestigious 2011 National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama at a White House ceremony.
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