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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Colorado History Day

National Winners

2016 National Winners

Congratulations to Our Colorado National Winners!

Isabella Bowland from Fairview High School took home the silver for her Senior Individual Performance, "On Track to Citizenship: The Exploration, Encounter, and Symbolic Exchange of the Wanamaker Expedition of Citizenship to the North American Indian." Way to go!

George Washington High School student John Woodliff-Stanley received a scholarship to the University of Maryland. Congratulations!

Colorado students also represented in the Special Awards!

  • Fairview students Solomon Bloomfield, Philip Ding, Jaden Hoechstetter, and Ariana Konstantopolous won best senior project on Asian-American History for their exhibit, "An 'Exclusive' Encounter: The Denver Anti-Chinese Riot and the Chinese Exclusion Act." 
  • Ethan Rokke from Palmer Ridge High School won best project on Marine Corps history for his website, "The Barbary War: America's Birth as a Global Power." 
We are also proud of our Colorado finalists!

  • 4th Place Junior Paper: Kaylan Wait, 
    Durango, CO, Escalante Middle School
    Teacher(s): Rob Javier, John Hise, 
    Entry - Revolutionary Rum​
    Winner: Best Junior Project in State for Colorado

  • 4th Place Senior Group Performance: Camryn Daidone, Brynn Gauthier, Audrey Roberts, Mia Nelson, 
    Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts
    Teacher(s): Ed Glassman, 
    Entry - Nixon's 1972 Visit to China: Exploring Cold War Compromise, Encountering Normalized Relations, and Creating a Lasting Legacy of Economic and Political Exchange ​
    ​Winner: Best Senior Project in State for Colorado

  • 5th Place Senior Group Exhibit: Jojo Rita, Maddie Rohner, 
    Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts
    Teacher(s): Ed Glassman, 
    Entry - The Atoms for Peace Program: An Exploration in Peaceful Proliferation​

  • 7th Place Junior Group Exhibit: Morgan Monack, Aria Pasquin, Salem Simerville, Pueblo, CO, Connect Charter School
    Teacher(s): Cathy Mizicko, 
    Entry - Exploration of Dog Training Sets Up "Seeing Eye" Exchange​
  • 8th Place Junior Individual Exhibit: Shanlla Remtulla, 
    Denver, CO, Denver School Of The Arts
    Teacher(s): Ed Glassman, 
    Entry - The Black Plague: The Monumental Exchange of Disease in Europe​

  • 8th Place Senior Paper: Emma Perkins, 
    Boulder, CO, Fairview High School
    Teacher(s): Leigh Campbell-Hale, Scott Peoples, 
    Entry - Bent's Fort: An Outpost for Cultural Exchange and Exploration of the West​

  • 9th Place Senior Individual Exhibit: Avery Brogle, 
    Boulder, CO, Fairview High School
    Teacher(s): Leigh Campbell-Hale, 
    Entry - The Novelty of Nonsense: The Whimsical Exploration that Revolutionized Children's Literature​

2016 State Contest Winners!
Click here​​ for the list of contest and special award winners. 

Click here ​to see the final rounds qualifiers. 
2015 National Winners
Joyce Xu from Fairview High School won 2nd place in Senior Papers for her entry, "Man, Myth, and Icon: The Life and Legacy of Che Guevara." Click here to read the essay.​

Connect Charter School students Jaylan Gonzalezand Danielle Vigil received third place in Junior Group Documentary for their project, "236 Words: The Leadership and Legacy of Dr. Seuss." Click here​ for the 

Third place in Senior Group Performance went to Denver School of the Arts studentsMaia BrockbankCamryn DaidoneBrynn Gauthier, and Audrey Roberts for their entry, "The INF Treaty: Reagan and Gorbachev's Fight for a Legacy Free of Nuclear Proliferation."

2014 National Winners​

Isabella Bowland from Southern Hills Middle School won the bronze for her Junior Individual Performance, "From Press, to Public, to Politicians: Exploring the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: It's Impact on the Rights of Human Subjects and the Responsibilities of All in a Democratic Society."​

Congratulations to our Outstanding State Entries:

Breanne Barrett and Maria Meza (Gunnison After School Program) for their Junior Group Performance, "Happy Literacy Day, a Fantastical Trip of the Things He Did Say: The Footprints of Dr. Seuss" andJennifer Jun (Fairview High School) for her Senior Paper, "Disturbing Comfort: A Violation of Rights and the Japanese Government's Denial of Responsibility" 

2013 National Winners

Hamilton Middle School student Alexander Weissman won the gold in 2013 for his Junior Paper,

"Pivotal Politics- The Marshall Plan: A Turning Point in Foreign Aid and the Struggle for democracy."

Fairview High School student Jessica Piper and her teacher Scott Peoples were all smiles when she received the gold medal in Senior Papers for her entry, "The Great Railroad Strike of 1877: A Catalyst for the American Labor Movement."

Denver School of the Arts teacher Barbara Allen poses proudly with Molly Maier
after she received the bronze medal in Junior Individual Exhibits for her project, "The Pill:10mg that Rocked the Modern