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Final Rounds Qualifiers for the 2015 State Contest

​ Afternoon rounds of judging will apply to categories and divisions that included a large number of submissions. Refer to the program to see if this applies to you.

Documentary and Performance finalists must be present during final rounds that start at 1:45 pm. Students will present in numerical order by entry number. The remaining categories do not require students to be present.

There will not be interviews in the final rounds. Final  rounds qualifiers will be announced on May 2nd around 1:15 p.m.


Junior Individual Performance- King Center 203
Report to the above room by 1:45. Entrants will be called in order by entry number. There are no interviews during final rounds.
(1:45) 1302- “Legacy of James K. Polk: The Dark Horse Leading Manifest Destiny” by Brandon Samora 
(2:00) 1306- “Albert Einstein; A Relative Giant in Modern History” by Sabrina Ehrnstein     

(2:15) 1308- “Nancy Grace Roman: The Real Meaning of NASA” by  Layla Rainosek        
(2:30) 1311- “Keeping Honor: The Final Resistance of Crazy Horse and the Sioux Indians" by Gabriel Sapsin         
(2:45) 1315- “The Untold Leadership and Definite Legacy of Philip Van Cise” by Connor Hogan 
(3:00) 1317- “The Amazing Journey of Grandma Gatewood” by  Amy Lewis      
Junior Group Performance- King Center 211
Report to the above room by 1:45. Entrants will be called in order by entry number. There are no interviews during final rounds.
       (1:45) 1401- “The Leadership of Kit Carson: Shaping the Legacy of the West” by Claire Duffee, Elizabeth Leyba,  Ava Martinez, and Shae Swerdfeger            
(2:00) 1405- “Pulitzer Takes the World: The Revolution of the Printing Press Industry” by Ana Sofia Martinez and Makenzie McKenna            

(2:15) 1410- “Lives Written In Water” by Kristen David, Kathryn Gallegos, Rachel Gallegos, and Melody Lipke
(2:30)1414- “Alice Paul: An Iron Jawed Angel” by Arabella McClure and Killian McMahon           
(2:45) 1415- “Ida Tarbell Leads the Fight Against the Octopus: Leaving a Journalistic Legacy” by Caitlin Gile, Sheridan Reed, and  Joviana Romero              
(3:00) 1421- “Julius Caesar and the Caesar Salad” by Mallory Smith and Hailey Kellackey             
Senior Individual Performance- King Center 215
Report to the above room by 1:45. Entrants will be called in order by entry number. There are no interviews during final rounds.
(1:45) 2302- “A Nobel Treason: The Leadership and Legacy of the White Rose Society” by Naomi Franken
(2:00) 2305- “The Legacy of Nellie Bly: Fearlessly Inspiring Women Through Writing” by Margaret Albanese
(2:15) 2307- “Cesar Chavez: The Fight for Farm Workers” by Josue Rodriguez   

(2:30) 2310- “Dining and Driving: Diane Nash's Leadership and Legacy in Nonviolent Civil Reform” by Samara Angel       
(2:45) 2312- “The Mother of Charities: Leading a Legacy of Service” by Jessica Carrel    
(3:00) 2316- “Do You Even Lift: America's Obsession with Fitness and the White Male Body” by Tal Sneh
Senior Group Performance
There will not be final rounds for this category. Results will be announced at the Awards Ceremony
 Junior Individual Documentary- King Center 313
Report to the above room by 1:45. Entrants will be called in order by entry number. There are no interviews during final rounds.

(1:45) 1501- “Eunice Kennedy Shriver: The World Changer for the Disabled” by Isabel Weiss    
(2:00) 1505- “Kathleen Hanna: Riot Grrrl” by Molly McGrath     
(2:15) 1513- “Muhammad Ali and his Fight for Justice” by Gabriel Wright            
(2:30) 1514- “Animating a New Era of Entertainment: The Leadership and Legacy of Walt Disney” by Daniel Sun              

(2:45) 1519- “Berry Gordy Jr.: Bridging the Racial Divide through Music” by Aria Mundy               
(3:00) 1520- “Ryan White: The Teen Who Taught The World About AIDS” by Skye McCrimmon
1523- “General Choi: The Pioneer of Martial Arts” by Alex Nietch             
(3:30) 1524- “Oprah Winfrey: Queen of Daytime Television” by Erika Hartel      
Junior Group Documentary- King Center 314
Report to the above room by 1:45. Entrants will be called in order by entry number. There are no interviews during final rounds.
       (1:45) 1605- “Soaring Over Communism: Harry S. Truman’s Leadership and Legacy” by Emma Hollenstine and Mikayla Lerch     
(2:00) 1607- “Challenging Common Belief: The Life of Jonas Edward Salk” by Kayla Parham and Tess Peterson
(2:15) 1612- “Joseph Stalin Tyrant or Hero?” by Nathan Mayer and Preston West          
(2:30) 1613- “Clara Barton: American Angel” by Sonia Chu, Amber Liu, and Anila Narayana         
(2:45) 1617- “Jane Goodall: The Chimpanzee Project” by Segren Rollin and Katie Schachter       
(3:00) 1621- “236 Words: The Leadership and Legacy of Dr. Seuss” by Jaylan Gonzalez and Danielle Vigil              
(3:15) 1624- “Mao Zedong; The Road to Communism in China” by Samuel Anderson and Austin Marshall           
(3:30) 1625- “A Relentless Leader - Susan B. Anthony” by Bradley Hansen and Amanda Pavillard            
Senior Individual Documentary- King Center 316
Report to the above room by 1:45. Entrants will be called in order by entry number. There are no interviews during final rounds.
       (1:45) 2501- “Steve Jobs” by Natalie Richardi   
(2:00) 2503- “Oppenheimer: The Voice of the Nuclear Era” by Henry White      
(2:15) 2509- “By Endurance We Conquer: The Leadership and Legacy of Sir Ernest Shackleton” by Katherine Larson       
(2:30) 2513- “The Buchenwald Typhus Vaccines: Leadership and Legacy of Dr. Ludwik Fleck” by Sophie Nick
       (3:00)  2515- “The Legacy of Humanity: Paul Rusesabagina” by Sequoiah Hippolyte        
(3:15) 2517- “The Shipyard” by Esteban Arellano
Senior Group Documentary- King Center 318
Report to the above room by 1:45. Entrants will be called in order by entry number. There are no interviews during final rounds.
       (1:45) 2604- “A Worthy Crusade; King Leopold II and the Congo Free State” by Simon France, Madison Petri, and Savannah Winchell           
(2:00) 2605- “Fannie Lorber: A Legacy of Care for Colorado Children” by Alexis Olmstead and Savannah Olmstead         
(2:15) 2610- “The Flint and Spark: Huey P. Newton and the Black Panthers” by Reilly Spence and Hannah Taylor
(2:30) 2611- “Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales: A Lasting Legacy” by Molly Aber, Anurag Golla, Dora Iyigun, and Justin Lee      

(2:45) 2615- “Hope Is Never Silent: The Life and Legacy of Harvey Milk” by Emma Chow, Whitney Lawless, and Jenna Richter   
(3:00) 2616- “Dr. Catherine Hamlin: The Fight Against Fistulas” by Haelee Chin and Maureen McNamara
Junior Paper
        1001- “Finally Freezing The Cold War”     by Brendon Huffaker    
1006- “Alexander Hamilton: Founding Federalist and Economist” by Bladen Borchard     

1010- “Audrey Hepburn: Leaving the Silver Screen for the Golden Opportunity” by Lillie Stokes 
1014- “Harriet Beecher Stowe and Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Legacy of Leadership Through Literature” by Ethan Leland  

1021- “Breaking Free from Chauvinist Shackles” by Delaney Yehle            
1025- “The Discovery and Subsequent Legacy of James Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin” by William Underhill 

1030- “Renowned Titan: Winston Churchill’s Monumental Leadership and Enduring Legacy” by Alanna Jackson  
1035- “A Revolutionary Gamble: The Legacy of Peaceful Transitions of Power” by Maura Fitzpatrick
Senior Paper
        2004- “Mikail Gorbachev's Legacy: Destroying the Soviet Union through Domestic Reform” by Nathan DeSarro
2006- “The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862: A Lasting Legacy” by Rebecca Bloomfield        
2009- “Marie Curie: Leading the World in Chemical, Physical, and Medical Science” by Grace Anderson
2012- “Sigmund Freud: Father of Psychoanalysis or Psychotic Leader?” by Tennyson Brown-Wolf             
2019- “Man, Myth, and Icon: The Life and Legacy of Che Guevara” by  Joyce Xu 
2020- “Joseph Rotblat: Creator of Bombs and Peace” by Margot Lurie    
Junior Individual Exhibit
        1102- “Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield” by Abigail Lau         
1105- “Rachel Carson: Pioneering the Modern Environmental Movement” by Juliana Pfeifer      
1113- “"And the Desert Shall Blossom as the Rose": The Leadership and Legacy of Brigham Young in the American West” by Katelyn Cranney                       
1115- “Kate Sheppard: A Formula for Revolution in Women's Suffrage” by  Lily Rasmussen          
1121- “Cesar Chavez: ¡Si Se Puede!” by Emma Popkin    
1124- “Georges Melies: His Legacy Leading Culture Today” by Nathan Feniak      
1132- “Pop Prince: Andy Warhol” by Caitlyn Barrow        
1135- “Art for the People! Holger Cahill and the Federal Art Project” by William Dienstfrey           
Junior Group Exhibit
       1201- “Marie Curie: An Element for Change” by Sarah Bennett and Rachel Pudalov          
1203- “Podium for Power: Elizabeth Cady Stanton” by Abbey Doherty, Elizabeth Hunt, and Sydney Prouse          
1209- “Leadership and Legacy of John Snow: Father of Modern Epidemiology” by Gianna Carleo, Jenna Herrera, Lauren
1214- “Henry Ford: Driving the World into the Future” by Joe Nelson and Sean Nickles   
1220- “Walt Disney: The Man behind the Brand” by Ryan Conklin and Alexa Downing     
1223- “Walt Disney Leaders of Legacies” by Alliyah Garcia and Hayven Hobbs 

1224- “First Lady of the World” by Iike Derycke, Caitlynn Doyle, and Megan Steinheimer               
1230- “The Sacrifice of Life: Sophie Scholl and The White Rose” by Victoria Arzola and Dafne Lucio
Senior Individual Exhibit
        2105- “Operation Ajax: Misguided Leadership and the Roots of U.S.-Iranian Tension” by Madeline Rohner          
2107- “Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: "Uh... We Are Going to Be Here for a While"” by Abby Bloomfield 

2112- “Reform in the Kremlin: Gorbachev’s Glasnost and Perestroika” by Julian Dreiman              
2115- “Benjamin Franklin: The Inventor of America” by Hannah Kiburz           
2120- “Stan Lee: A Legacy of Fighting Censorship” by Manuela Ramirez 
2121- “Gordon Conway: Redefining the Image of an American Woman” by Mara Kelly   
Senior Group Exhibit
       2201- “Lee Kuan Yew: The Father of a Transformed Nation” by Sasha Hall and Simone Ong          
2202- “The Pen on Fire: The Leadership and Legacy of Harriet Beecher Stowe” by Catherine Henderson and Eleanor Mackintosh     

2209- “Harvey Milk: Dynamic Politician and Social Activist” by Jason Fontillas, Cayman Tomsic, and Jiang Mei Zachwieja   
2212- “I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly” by Brooke Daley and Emma Miner  
2218- “Al Capone: The Rise and Fall of Prohibitions "Public Enemy Number One"” by Angela Cai and Isabel Greenhut      
2219- “Alan Turing, Father of Computer Science: Breaking the Code” by Sierra Curdts and Lila Jordan
Junior Individual Website
       1701- “Albert Bartlett: an Open Space Pioneer” by Adam Heilbronner    
1707- “We Shall Overcome: The Leadership and Legacy of Dr. King” by Fiona Yohannes 

1713- “Gichin Funakoshi: Seek Perfection of Character” by Ewan Albright             
1717- “Martin Luther The Reformer” by Christian Seiber 

1720- “Elrey B. Jeppesen: The Cost to Make Flying Safe For Us All” by Alaina Oscai            
1724- “Malcolm X: One Who Stumbled but Never Fell” by Sameha Haque     

1730- “Rachel Carson” by Chloe Brettmann         
1733- “Uncovering the Truth: Woodward, Bernstein & the Watergate Scandal” by Eva Grenawalt            
Junior Group Website
       1803- “Susan B. Anthony: A Great Leader in the Fight for Women's Suffrage” by Nina Hufman and Sienna Russell             
1808- “Andrew Carnegie and His Effect on Society” by Kallie McCain and Alex Murray     
1813-“Si Se Puede: The Leadership and Legacy of Cesar Chavez and the 1965 Delano Grape Strike” by Janie Thomson and Claire Vanderhart           
1815- “Transforming Desires Into Rights: The Leadership and Legacy of Maya Angelou” by Alexandria Cullen and Andrea Vancea      
1822- “The Goering Family Division” by Maddie Crea and Rachel Van Gundy        
1826- “Photo 51: Legacy in DNA and Leadership in Science” by Riley McAndrews and Taylor Shellenberger           
Senior Individual Website
       2705- “Dennis Ritchie: Connecting Computers in a New Language” by Estee Medberry  
2708- “"Red Napoleon:" The Legacy of the Vietnamese General Who Ousted Western Powers” by Mary Hood  

2712- “Raoul Wallenberg: Breaking Cycles of Indifference as a Holocaust Hero” by Colter Weil    
2715- “Into the Jungle: Upton Sinclair and the Crusade against the Sins of Capitalism” by Trevor Dye

2719- “The Legacy of Silent Spring: Rachel Carson and the Rise of the Modern Environmental Movement” by Mia Keller
2721- “The Father of Television” by Evan Slack   
Senior Group Website
       2803- “Hyman G. Rickover, Father of the Nuclear Navy” by Alex Padgett and Azariah Thompson
2805- “Stimson and Byrnes: Nucleus of the Atomic Bomb Decision” by Emil Graf and Drew Prinster          
2810- “Wernher Von Braun: Nazis to NASA” by Andrew Thorson and Ryan Tseng     
2816- “The Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty: A Step Towards Diplomacy”  by Emma Bakken and Sydney Melnick 
2818- “Bell Labs: Leadership in the Electronics Community and a Legacy of Innovation” by Emilie Harold and Keren Sneh               
2819- “"Now, I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds:" Leadership and Legacy of J. Robert Oppenheimer, The Father of the Atomic Bomb” by Dillon Donaghy, Reid Ernst, and Blake Ferris