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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Colorado History Day

Final Rounds Qualifiers for the 2014 State Contest

·         Afternoon rounds of judging will apply to categories and divisions that included a large number of submissions. Refer to the program to see if this applies to you.
·         Documentary and Performance finalists must be present during final rounds that start at 1:45 pm.  The remaining categories do not require students to be present.
·         There will not be interviews in the final rounds.
Final rounds qualifiers will be announced on May 3rd at 1:15 p.m.

Junior Individual Documentary- King Center 311

1:45 PM: 1502-The Montgomery Story: How a Comic Book Sparked Non-Violent Fights for Civil Rights All Over the World.

2:00 PM: 1506-Argentina's Neutrality During World War II

2:15 PM: 1510-Amache Internment Camp: Japanese-American's Rights Stolen by Fear
2:30 PM: 1516-The Price of Freedom: Rights Stripped Away During Apartheid in South Africa
2:45 PM: 1517-Jack Kevorkian: The Unenviable Right
3:00 PM: 1520-The Rights and Responsibilities of a Free Press: A comparison of the Freedom to Publish Governmental Secrets in the United States and United Kingdom
 Junior Group Documentary-King Center 312 

1:45 PM: 1604-The Nuremberg Race Laws: The First Step in the Suppression of Jews in Europe

2:00 PM: 1606-The Wilderness Act of 1964: The Right to Experience, The Responsibility to Protect
2:15 PM: 1607-Graffiti Art and the Right to Self Expression
2:30 PM: 1611-An Unorthodox Plan: The NHS and the British Right to Healthcare
2:45 PM: 1614-Alice Paul- The Story of Women's Rights
3:00 PM: 1618-The Dawn of a True Revolution: The Storming of the Bastille
3:15 PM: 1623-The Hungarian Revolution of 1956
3:30 PM: 1626-Zegota: Protecting a Stolen Right to Live
Senior Individual Documentary-King Center 313

1:45 PM: 2501-Columbine Mine Massacre: The Sacrifice Made to Earn Rights for Future Miners

2:00 PM: 2506-Rights and Responsibilities of Ethical Medical Research: The Tuskegee Syphilis Study

2:15 PM: 2508-The Bhopal Disaster: a Cry for Reform

2:30 PM: 2509-The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882: When the United States Handpicked Rights and Responsibilities

2:45 PM: 2513-All Ages Admitted: Self-Censorship in the Film Industry

3:00 PM: 2516-Sowing the Seeds of Hunger: The Cost of the Right to Food​

 Senior Group Documentary- King Center 316

1:45 PM: 2601-Amache: Targeted and Taken Away

2:00 PM: 2605-Everyone is Voting for Jack
2:15 PM: 2608-Nuclear Weapons: Destroyers of the World or Peacekeepers?
2:30 PM: 2610-Muhammad Ali: The Draft of a Legend
2:45 PM: 2617-A Cut In The Right Direction?: A History of Lobotomies in America
3:00 PM: 2619-The Truth Unfolds: My Lai Massacre
Junior Individual Performance-King Center 203

1:45 PM: 1308-Eva Peron: First Lady of the Working Class

2:00 PM: 1304-From Press, to Public, to Politicians: Exploring the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: It’s Impact on the Rights of Human Subjects and the Responsibilities of All in a Democratic Society
2:15 PM: 1305-Minoru Yasui vs. the United States of America: Liberty and Justice for All
2:30 PM: 1306-Teddy Roosevelt's Impact on the Conservation Movement
2:45 PM: 1307-Players in Pigtails
3:00 PM: 1313-A Cow's Eye View: Temple Grandin, A Pioneer for Humane Slaughter
Junior Group Performance-King Center 206
1:45 PM: 1401-Behind the Walls of a Madhouse; Nellie Bly Undercover at Blackwell's Island
2:00 PM: 1405-The First Ten Amendments:  A Bill That Forever Protects American Rights Against Tyranny
2:15 PM: 1408-We the Peoples: A Lasting Resolve for Human Rights
2:30 PM: 1411-Responsible Public Health Officials Deny Typhoid Mary's Civil Rights
2:45 PM: 1415-Eleanor Roosevelt: The Struggle For Human Rights
3:00 PM: 1419-Happy Literacy Day, A Fantastical Trip of the Things He Did Say: The Footprints of Dr. Seuss
Senior Individual Performance- King Center 210

1:45 PM: 2301-Hawaiian People, American Money

2:00 PM: 2304-The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
2:15 PM: 2306-The Scopes Trial: A Responsibility to Ensure Academic and Legislative Rights
2:30 PM:  2309-Gap and the Grip: the Root Causes of Inequality during the 1918 Spanish Influenza
2:45 PM: 2310-Japanese Internment Camps: Individual Rights versus Government Responsibilities
3:00 PM: 2311-A Window to Toxicity: Our Rights and Responsibilities When Farming With Synthetic Substances
 Senior Group Performance- King Center 213

1:45 PM: 2402-The Ludlow Massacre: Proven Guilty

2:00 PM: 2403-Take Responsibility for Our Rights
2:15 PM: 2406-The Violence Against Women Act: Protecting the Rights and Safety of American Women
2:30 PM: 2409-Marvin Miller: The Inside Story of the Baseball Revolution
2:45 PM: 2412-On the Waterfront: The Rights and Responsibilities Surrounding the Great American Film
3:00 PM: 2414-J. Edgar Hoover: Individual Rights and National Security
Junior Individual Exhibit
1105-Downwind From Trinity: Responsibilities After Nuclear Testing
1106-Do With Less So They'll Have Enough: Rationing on the U.S. Home Front During WWII
1110-WWII On The Home Front
1111-Marching for Bread and Roses: The Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912
1119-The Impact of the Compact: Taking Responsibility for a Right That's Wrong
1123-Title IX
1128-A Monumental Responsibility: The Monuments Men and the Cultural Saviors of Europe
1131-The Great Railroad Strike of 1877, The Workers' Revolt
  Junior Group Exhibit

1205-Charles Myers: The Invisible Wounds of the Great War

1207-Bhopal:  Corporation Neglects Human Rights
1208-Dorothea Dix: Crusader for Mentally Ill Rights
1212-Pentagon Papers: Battle of the Press
1216-Project 4.1: The Truth
1220-Title IX: Positively Impacting Women's Rights in More Than Just Athletics
1223-Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo: A Living Legacy of Hope and Human Rights
1227-Baseball Legend Hits Homerun in the Civil Rights Movement
 Senior Individual Exhibit

2102-How Culture Saved a Nation: Rights and Responsibilities of the Estonian Singing Revolution

2103-The Scopes Trial: The Debate Over Evolution's Place in Education
2109-Production or Reproduction? China's One-Child Policy
2110-The Great Peshtigo Fire: Revealing the Burning Truth
2118-Vietnam: The Conflict that Called into Question the Commission of Men into the Armed Forces
2119-Assimilation through Education: Native American Boarding Schools
Senior Group Exhibit

2202-Jane Addams: Rights for Immigrants

2207-Weapons of Mass Responsibility: The 1925 Geneva Protocol
2211-The Impact of the Tuskegee Airmen: Rights & Responsibilities as U.S. Aviators
2213-Jazz: Music for Equality
2214-Not All Men Are Created Equal: The Rights and Responsibilities Involved in the American Eugenics Movement
2219-"And the March of the Flag Goes On!:" Rights and Responsibilities in U.S. Imperialism and the Annexation of Hawaii
2222-Dawn of Civil Rights in Britain
Junior Individual Website

1702-China's One Child Policy

1707-The Treaty of Fort Laramie: The Most Controversial Treaty
1717-"No Taxation without Representation" Rights and Responsibilities
1718-The Marine Mammal Protection Act: Rights Created, But Not for All
1722-Darkness Into Life: The Holocaust
1728-Academic Freedom: A Freedom at Any Cost
Junior Group Website

1804-Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

1809-The Magna Carta: Backbone of the U.S. Constitution
1814-Chernobyl: The Worst Nuclear Disaster
1818-Rights and Responsibilities of the Ludlow Massacre
1822-Amelia Earhart: The Flight for Women's Rights
1827-The Women Air Force Service Pilots
Senior Individual Website

2705-Camp Amache: The Wrongful Imprisonment of Japanese Americans in Granada, Colorado

2706-A Nurse Neglected: Reba Z. Whittle
2710-Fighting for Equilibrium: The Fragile Balance Between Rights and Responsibilities
2714-Art Nouveau: The Right to Innovate, The Responsibility to be Organic
2715-Taking a Stand at Stonewall - The Homosexual Rights Movement Begins
2718-Anonymous to Autonomous: The Rights and Responsibilities of Female Writers as Influenced by Virginia Woolf
Senior Group Website

2804-The Atomic Age: An Evolution of U.S. Nuclear Rights and Responsibilities, 1939 to 1963

2806-European Recovery Program of 1947: Rebuilding Europe
2808-The Curt Flood Case: Freeing  Players from the Reserve Clause
2811-The Colorado River Compact of 1922: Channeling Its Way Through Rights and Responsibilities
2818-"The Crimes of This Guilty Land Will Never be Purged Away but with Blood:" John Brown and the Fight for the Rights of Slaves
2819-To Be or Not to Be: The Nuclear Question
 Junior Paper

1004-The Meaning of Citizenship: Athens vs. Sparta

1006-The Right to Water: How the 1922 Colorado River Compact affected the American Southwest
1011-Athenian Democracy: The Rights and Responsibilities of a Citizen
1016-The Banished Anatomist: How the Catholic Church Denied Da Vinci the Right to Save Lives
1022-Evolution on Trial
1025-Schenck vs. United States: The Contradiction Between Individual Rights and the Common Safety
1032-Education is our Weapon: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan's Fight for Women's Rights
1036-The Duty of the Believers: Muhammad ibn-Abdul-Wahhab and the Unification of Arabia
Senior Paper

2001-A Journey Toward Native American Liberty: The Longest Walk

2006-Judgment Day: The Comics Code Authority and the Impact of American Censorship
2009-Rights and Responsibilities: The Ludlow Massacre and the Colorado Industrial Plan
2010-Disturbing Comfort: a Violation of Rights and the Japanese Government’s Denial of Responsibility
2019- "Attention! Another Time is Murderous!" The Effect of Patient's Rights on the Evolution of Electroconvulsive Therapy
2021- Under the Helmet: The Rights of Past and Present NFL Players with Head Traumas