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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Colorado History Day

National History Day in Colorado

Contest Theme

2015-16 Theme: Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History

Regardless of the project category or the age division, students must choose a topic that they can clearly relate to the annual National History Day theme. Themes are intentionally broad to give students a wide range of possible topics.

Click here to download the official National History Day 2016 Theme Sheet (pdf)
Click here to download the full official National History Day 2016 Theme Book (pdf)
Click here to download the official National History Day 2016 Sample Topics List (pdf)

Choosing a Topic Related to the Theme

The National History Day Sample Topic List provides a place to start. However, it should not be considered an exclusive list of acceptable topics. Local history makes for exciting, unique projects; students may want to look for topics in their own communities. At the state and national contest, there are also special award categories each year focused on specific topic areas, such as Colorado History, Asian History, Irish and Irish-American History, Women's History, Diplomatic History, History of the American West and Interdisciplinary History. ​​