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The College of Liberal arts and Sciences has a variety of programs that defy traditional classification, you can explore some of them here

BA/BS-MD Program - More information >
Tremendous challenges demand inspired initiatives, and the shortage of qualified medical doctors in remote areas of the state has become a challenge to the wellbeing of Colorado. As a result, the University of Colorado Denver in partnership with the University of Colorado School of Medicine launched the BA/BS-MD Program in 2010. A dual-degree program that aims to better serve Colorado's health care needs, each year 10 outstanding students from diverse backgrounds are admitted to the program. Students are provided a foundation of support and preparation for medical school while at CU Denver and are reserved a spot at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, provided he or she meets specific academic and nonacademic requirements. Students in the program have an extraordinary enthusiasm for health care and for bringing medical expertise back to their home communities.

International College Beijing (ICB) - More Information >
International College Beijing (ICB) was formed in 1994, as the result of a joint educational venture between China Agricultural University and the University of Colorado Denver. One of the longest-running bilateral educational programs authorized by the Chinese government, ICB is an English-taught degree program with courses in both Denver and Beijing. ICB features an integrated learning environment for both American and Chinese students, and a truly global classroom experience. In Beijing, ICB is located on the east campus of China Agricultural University, a thirty-minute ride from downtown Beijing, Beijing International Airport, and major cultural centers such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. Chinese students can earn a degree from CU Denver while studying in Beijing with University of Colorado faculty. After their sophomore years, qualified Chinese students can choose to come to Denver to complete their degrees. CU Denver students also have the opportunity to earn degree credit while studying in Beijing, and scholarships make this exciting experience accessible.

Dual Degree Programs - More Information >
In order to give students maximum flexibility in earning the degrees they desire, CLAS developed dual degree programs, which allow students to earn two masters degrees simultaneously. These select programs provide students with the opportunity to complete two degrees with 42 hours of combined coursework that separately would require 60 hours of coursework. CLAS offers Dual Degrees in the following areas:

  • Dual Degree in Economics and Finance
    For students interested in combining the quantitative skills of an economics degree with the specific applications of a business degree, we offer an MA Economics/MS Finance dual degree. The dual degree program is intended to create highly-skilled research professionals with considerable econometric skill as well as familiarity with their chosen financial institutions. This program is offered jointly with the Graduate School of Business. Students must be admitted separately to both the MA program in Economics and MS in Finance.
  • Dual Degree in Economics and Public Administration
    The fields of Public Administration and Economics are inextricably linked. Economists provide much of the theory and analytic foundation that administrators use to evaluate and implement policy. Given that the capital of the state of Colorado is in Denver, there is great need for administrators that fully understand methods of program evaluation and have the theoretical background needed to forecast how individuals and institutions will respond to new proposals. The MA Economics/MPA Public Administration program is offered jointly with the Graduate School of Public Affairs. Students must be admitted separately to both the MA program in Economics and the MPA Public Administration.
  • Dual Degree in Economics and Applied Mathematics with a focus in Applied Statistics
    In economics, mathematics and statistics are used extensively in theory construction, tests of existing theories and discovery of regularities to inform new theories. Economics also gives mathematicians/statisticians new challenges, new outlets and new ideas to incorporate in mathematics. These complementarities have long been recognized and economics graduate students have always been advised to take advanced courses in statistics. There are an increasing number of economics MA students wishing to obtain graduate training and a degree in statistics. Having an MA degree in Economics and an MS degree in Statistics will make a student highly employable in the job market and provide them an edge in applying for elite PhD programs.
  • Dual Degree in Political Science and Business Administration
    The Dual Master's Degree in Political Science (MA) and Business Administration (MBA) is designed for students whose interests overlap business and politics or business and international affairs. In the 21st century, the fields of business administration and political science intersect, in that sustainable business development requires an understanding of the political environment, while political theory and practice must address the role of the business community in economic development. Providing students with both the business foundation and the political knowledge enhances their ability to succeed in our ever-changing political world. This program is offered jointly with the Graduate School of Business. Students must be admitted separately to both the MA program in Political Science and MBA in Business Administration​.