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BA/BS-DDS Program

BA/BS-DDS Program Information

The BA/BS-DDS degree program at the University of Colorado Denver and CU School of Dental Medicine at Anschutz Medical Campus aims to promote the diversity of dental professionals practicing dentistry in Colorado and to better serve the health care needs of the State of Colorado by assembling and educating 5 students each year from broadly diverse backgrounds. Applicants must be Colorado residents who are interested in serving the health care needs of Colorado as dentists. Acceptance and participation in this program does not guarantee admission to the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine or any other dental school. 

Students who successfully meet all program requirements including a successful interview with the School of Dental Medicine (SDM) Admission Committee, will be eligible for a “reserved” spot in the CU SDM matriculating class.

Admission of individuals will be conducted through a holistic review in a manner which treats each applicant fairly, on the basis of experience, attributes, and metrics. Please visit the "Eligibility" section of this website:
*Note: It is important that you apply for undergraduate admission to the University of Colorado Denver by October 26, 2018. The admission process to the University can take up to 6 weeks. Please visit the following website for Admissions Information:

If you are interested in applying to the BA/BS-DDS Program, please visit the "How to Apply" section of this website: