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Undergraduate Majors

Political Science

 Political Science

The major in political science, coupled with the CLAS general education requirements, leads to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Students may choose from two tracks:

The Traditional Major

This option allows students ample opportunity to build a solid foundation while pursuing some of their own interests within the discipline.

The Public Policy Concentration

This option was designed for students who specifically desire to pursue careers in public policy and/or public administration in the public or nonprofit sectors. Grounded in basic political-science theory and familiarity with American, comparative, and international politics, this B.A. track emphasizes the specifically political aspects of public-policy processes and settings. Cases will emphasize key policy issues confronting U.S. local, state, and national decision-makers and citizens. A focus on politics and the policy-making process will prepare students conceptually and methodologically to move beyond partisan politics to address how leaders can best mobilize resources to achieve constituent goals consistent with the public interest.

You can find more information on the programs, courses and faculty on the political science department website.