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Undergraduate Majors



The study of philosophy is concerned with the transmission and evaluation of basic beliefs and values. It is not an easy field. But for more than 25 centuries, philosophy has been judged most rewarding by those who seek self-development, intellectual sophistication, and the happiness of a reflective life.

An undergraduate degree in philosophy is excellent preparation for law and medicine, as well as a spectrum of entry-level positions in business, public service and more.

Students study philosophy because it asks ultimate questions. Because it explores how to live a good life. Because it takes seriously the questions that arise in life and tries to answer them. Because it exposes and questions assumptions. Because it helps you find your own answers and your own standards for answers. Because it calls on both your creativity and your rigor. Because it uses all your interests and everything you know, from art and literature, history and social science, to mathematics and natural science. Because it makes you articulate in speaking and writing, clear in thinking and reasoning, and able to draw connections among ideas of all kinds. Because you have decisions to make, evidence to weigh, opinions to assess, mysteries to contemplate, a world to understand, a life to live.

You can find more information about the program, courses and faculty on the philosophy department website.