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Undergraduate Majors

Biology (Integrative)


The study of biology introduces students to the diversity of life, the chemical processes and adaptations shared by species, and the interaction of species with their environment. By studying the differing fields of biology, the student begins to appreciate the characteristics of life and the remarkable evolutionary history leading to the present forms, and to understand the advances in biological technology that are transforming our society. Knowledge of the interrelationships between populations and their habitats leads to respect, concern, and a sense of responsibility for our environment.

The biology major leads to a B.S. degree and is designed to provide a firm foundation in the life sciences. As such, graduates are well prepared for graduate study in biology, professional schools in the health careers, a variety of biologically oriented jobs in government and industry, teaching at various educational levels, or, as with any liberal arts major, for life itself.

More information about the program, courses and faculty can be found on the biology department's website.