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UC Denver Black Staff and Faculty Affinity Group

The Black Staff and Faculty Affinity Group seeks to develop a sense of community and to provide a forum for discussion and subsequent actions related to concerns  of black faculty, staff, and students. Although we focus on issues germane to Black staff and faculty, we welcome all staff and faculty from UC Denver who share our concerns to join us for our meetings, and to provide support.

Chair: Leslie Taylor  303-556-5662. ​​

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4th Annual Black History Month Celebration  Theme:  A Healthy World of Living and Learning​

                                                      February 7, 2014   PRESENTATIONS

Johari Ade, Author, Professional Genealogist: “Genealogy & Ethnicity: Finding Clues inCommon Documents” Lance Carl, Athletic Director, University of Colorado Boulder, Facilitator Roman Hollowell Panelists: Damian Brown, Dallas Davis & Ronald Sally (former athletes)“Campus & Career Opportunities for the Student and Graduate Student Athlete” Thomas Hightower, Executive “Yellow Pages” (Denver)“Succeeding in Corporate America” Adrian Miller, Culinary Historian, Certified BBQ Judge“The Surprising Story of Soul Food” Nia Mitchell, Assistant  Professor, General Internal Medicine; Anschutz Medical Campus “Addressing the Disparity of Obesity In the African American Population”​                       bfsa presenter miller 2014.JPG

Some of our members
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Student Attendees


For more information contact Leslie Taylor at 303-556-5662. ​ 

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On February 25, 2010, we celebrated our first Black History Month event. Our theme was Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future. Activities included the following workshops:

  • UC Denver staff member Mary Lassiter: "Weaving Our History Through Cloth - The Art of Quilting"
  • UC Denver faculty member Ronica Rooks: "My Family Health Portrait - A Public Health Tool to Address Health Disparities"
  • UC Denver faculty member Gregory Walker: "Hip Hop Violin and Black Classical Music"
  • Metropolitan State College faculty member Jacquelyn Benton: "Redefining the Civil Rights Movement"
  • Channel 9 News Anchor TaRhonda Thomas: "From This to That - Channeling Our Way through Communication"


  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Diversity Council  
  • UC Denver Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • UC Denver Black Student Services
  • UC Denver Office of Student Life
  • Auraria Campus Recreation