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Laws and Regulations

Global Forum Reports

Laws and Regulations

Intellectual property protection in a global setting (Forum Report December 2010)
Raj Aggarwal, Sullivan Profes­sor of International Business and Finance, University of Akron
Ian Bird, Senior Vice President, General Counsel/Secretary the Norican Group
Darice Henritze, International Tax Partner, KPMG LLP
Pat Kennedy, CEO, Cellport Systems

Paying the bill for proposed policy initiatives (Forum Report winter 2009-2010)
John P. Gimigliano, Principal, KPMG Washington National Tax Office

FCPA-Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (Forum Report winter 2008-2009)
Michael Schwartz, Principal, KPMG’s forensic practice, Houston
John A. Ruhnka, Professor of International Business, University of Colorado Denver
Suzanne Schoettger, Vice President Business Controls Compliance, Liberty Global, Inc.
Frank Schuchat, Founding Member Schuchat, Herzog & Brenman, LLC
Henry Tsuei (Ret.) Senior Vice President, Western Union Co.

Tax planning, lower costs draw companies offshore (Forum Report winter 2008-2009)
Darice Henritze, International Tax Partner, KPMG Denver

Managing global property investments (Forum Report winter 2005-2006)
Kent Richey, Of Counsel, Jones Day

Privacy perils in the digital age (Forum Report winter 2005-2006)
Jeffrey Rosen, Professor of Law, George Washington University

The new world of corporate governance (Forum Report 11/2002)
Nancy A. Williams, Principal, Mercer Investment Consulting

Company perspectives on governance (Forum Report 11/2002)
Richard W. Connor, Managing Partner, KPMG, Denver
Steven C. Halstedt, Cofounder/Managing Director, Centennial Ventures
Meredith Williams, CEO, PERA of Colorado

Global perspectives on justice (Forum Report 2/2001)
Allan Dershowitz, Professor, Harvard University School of Law

Sanctions: The good, the bad, the ineffective (Forum Report 7/1998)
Anthony Lake, Former National Security Advisor to Pres. Clinton; author
Giandomenico Picco, Founder/CEO, GDP Associates; former U.N. negotiator

How culture shapes legal systems and relationships (Forum Report 10/1997)
Arnab Banerji, Chief Investment Officer, Foreign Colonial Emerging Markets, Ltd, London

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