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Additional Pay on Sponsored Projects


Additional pay on federal grants is unusual and should be rare. OMB Circular A-21 limits the ability to receive additional pay (above base institutional salary) on federal grants.

OMB Circular A-21, section J.10.d states:

“Charges for work performed on sponsored agreements during all or any portion of such period are allowable at the base salary rate. In no event will charges to sponsored agreements, irrespective of the basis of computation, exceed the proportionate share of the base salary for that period. This principle applies to all members of the faculty at an institution. Since intra university consulting is assumed to be undertaken as a university obligation requiring no compensation in addition to full time base salary, the principle also applies to faculty members who function as consultants or otherwise contribute to a sponsored agreement conducted by another faculty member of the same institution.” 

There are rare exceptions noted in A-21.

“However, in unusual cases where consultation is across departmental lines or involves a separate or remote operation, and the work performed by the consultant is in addition to his/her regular departmental load, any charges for such work representing extra compensation above the base salary are allowable provided that such consulting arrangements are specifically provided for in the agreement or approved in writing by the sponsoring agency.”

Requests for such additional compensation must meet the campus faculty compensation policy and follow the established campus process.  If the funding source is a grant/contract, the sponsor must provide prior written approval for the additional pay. 

Refer to the campus faculty compensation policies regarding administrative appointments, teaching overload, incentives and additional compensation from outside sources.  


Faculty Compensation Policy – Denver Campus

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