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SpeedType Request Tips and Instructions

Additional Information for Completing SpeedType Request Forms


It is very important that all pertinent information be included on the chartfield forms; this will make the process quicker.


Program Request Worksheet

Program Source of Funding:  If the money is coming from another speedtype, fill in that speedtype.  Otherwise, just explain where the money is coming from.  This should be as detailed as possible.  A few examples are listed below:

    • Conference Registration Fees
    • Sales of laboratory tests to hospitals throughout the country
    • Leftover monies from closed fund 30 projects

Purpose:  This should explain the purpose of the new chartfield and specifically state what the funds will be spent on.  This should be as detailed as possible.  A few examples are listed below:

    • Funds will be used to pay expenses of the XYZ conference.
    • Funds will be used to purchase supplies for the metabolic lab.
    • Funds will be used to pay faculty travel expenses.

Fiscal Roles:  Enter the position numbers and campus box numbers for the Program Fiscal Principal and Program Fiscal Manager.  A short description of the fiscal roles and the financial reports they receive can be found at:

Expenditure Control Rule (ECR)/Available Resource Basis (ARB):  A description of  the ECR and ARB attributes can be found in the Expenditure Control Overview at:

If unsure which attribute to assign, leave blank and the Finance Office will assign.


Speedtype Request Worksheet

Fund:  Enter fund code if known, if not, leave blank and Finance will complete.

Organization:  This is mandatory.  Enter the organization code within your unit where the speedtype is to be established.

Speedtype Fiscal Staff:  Up to five fiscal staff are allowed, but only one can be designated as “Primary.”  Select the Expense System Fiscal Staff Attribute (A-Approver, R-Reports, B-Both Approver and Reports).

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