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IT Services, Information Technology Services

University of Colorado Denver

OIT Maintenance and Outages

Visit this web page to stay informed of the Office of Information Technology’s maintenance schedule and current outages. An outage is defined as any IT service interruption. A maintenance event may include a planned outage (downtime) for a system or service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk at
(303) 724-4357 (4-HELP) or via email at

Today's Maintenance and Outages Go to OIT's Maintenance Schedule

Services Affected
NEC Telephone Users
This notification is only for NEC telephone users with unified messaging services (voicemail in the email inbox). You will be receiving your voicemails in your inbox as normal. However, the message waiting indicators on your phone may not change states, turn on or turn off, when you receive new voicemail messages or when you open your voicemail messages. This message will be removed when the issue has been resolved. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing.
Unplanned Outage06/0912:00 AM12/3012:00 AM
Blue highlighted items are planned maintenance or outages, orange highlighted items are unplanned maintenance or outages

OIT's Maintenance Schedule Go to Today's Maintenance and Outages

Services Affected
Lotus users. On-going for 2 days
We will be migrating Lotus from Windows server 2008 to HNAS
Planned Outage11/079:00 PM11/099:00 PM
Business school building. 2-3 minute outage per access point.
Move Bus School AP's to 8510 wireless controller
Planned Outage10/295:30 AM10/297:00 AM
CU Bldg customers. 2-3 minutes outage per access point.
Move CU Bldg AP's to 8510 Wireless controller
Planned Outage10/285:30 AM10/287:00 AM
This will affect all telephone users in AB1. Estimated 2-3 minute outage.
Cisco SRST Test at AB1
Planned Outage10/267:00 AM10/269:00 AM
RC2 Wired and Wireless network
Change RC2 Building network hardware
Planned Outage10/247:00 PM10/2411:00 PM
all network users. Possible outage.
Set up and configure Infoblox to host "internal" DNS zones, including ucdenver.pvt
Planned Outage10/247:00 PM10/249:00 PM
LWC Wireless customers. There will be a 3-5 minute outage per access point.
Move LWC AP's on Floors 2-9 to 8510 Wireless controller
Planned Outage10/215:30 AM10/217:00 AM
July 2014 Cummlative Update SharePoint 2013 Catalyst
Planned Outage10/185:00 AM10/189:00 AM
Users of the CAP departmental shares. Estimated 30 minutes.
Update Windows Server 2008R2 with latest updates from Microsoft.
Planned Outage10/188:00 AM10/1812:00 PM
This will affect telephone users
Reboot Aggregation Router in Switch Room. Outage: 5 - 10 Minutes
Planned Outage10/156:00 AM10/156:30 AM
This will affect telephone users. Estimated 5-10 minutes outage.
Reboot Aggregation Router in Switch Room.
Planned Outage10/156:00 AM10/156:30 AM
This will affect all network users at the Gaylord locations, VoIP users at 1648. Estimated 2 hours outage.
Install router at 1648 N Gaylord ARTS site; add 1620 N Gaylord switch to router; add private IP space to site.
Planned Outage10/144:30 PM10/147:30 PM
AMC EMS  users
Upgrade AMC EMS to the Campus Version
Planned Outage10/106:00 AM10/107:00 AM
Update Vmware tools on OLAR-ELEMENTS1
Planned Outage10/107:30 AM10/108:00 AM
All network users
Implement new Caching DNS This will affect all network users that are trying to resolve internet names - 5 minute outage during window
Planned Outage10/107:00 PM10/1010:00 PM
Bldg 500 wireless network users
Move bldg 500 wireless, both guest and UCDenver, to Private addressing.
Planned Outage10/086:00 AM10/087:30 AM
LWC wireless network
Move LWC to 8510 wireless controller
Planned Outage10/086:00 AM10/087:00 AM
Lexus server users
Migration of Lexus from Server 2008 to HNAS
Planned Outage10/076:00 AM10/078:00 AM
Bldg 500 Network users.
Move bldg 500 AP's to private addressing
Planned Outage10/076:00 AM10/076:30 AM
Auraria Wireless Network
Move Aurari Campus SSID at DC to private addressing.
Planned Outage10/076:00 AM10/077:00 AM
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