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OIT Maintenance and Outages

Visit this web page to stay informed of the Office of Information Technology’s maintenance schedule and current outages. An outage is defined as any IT service interruption. A maintenance event may include a planned outage (downtime) for a system or service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk at
(303) 724-4357 (4-HELP) or via email at

Today's Maintenance and Outages Go to OIT's Maintenance Schedule

Services Affected
NEC Telephone Users
This notification is only for NEC telephone users with unified messaging services (voicemail in the email inbox). You will be receiving your voicemails in your inbox as normal. However, the message waiting indicators on your phone may not change states, turn on or turn off, when you receive new voicemail messages or when you open your voicemail messages. This message will be removed when the issue has been resolved. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing.
Unplanned Outage06/0912:00 AM12/3012:00 AM
Blue highlighted items are planned maintenance or outages, orange highlighted items are unplanned maintenance or outages

OIT's Maintenance Schedule Go to Today's Maintenance and Outages

Services Affected
All services on north campus. Outage estimated at 60 minutes or less.
Transfer ADFS load-balancing services from Coyote to F5 load-balancers
Planned Outage09/236:30 AM09/237:30 AM
Users of the CAP department shares. Estimated 30 minutes.
Update Windows Server 2012R2 with latest updates from Microsoft.
Planned Outage09/208:00 AM09/2012:00 PM
This will affect DC Internet Users, VPN users intoDC (AMC is available), and DC Guest wireless users
Upgrade the DC Defence center and DC IPS's to software version
Planned Outage09/105:00 AM09/107:00 AM
This will affect internet users, VPN users, and Guest wireless users
Apply FireSight Recommeneded rule policy to the AMC and DC IPS's
Planned Outage09/105:00 AM09/105:15 AM
2 hour delay in Cidex to OIM update
Implement a change to CIDEX and OIM to process UPI email addresses.
Planned Outage09/046:00 AM09/049:00 AM
This will affect AMC Internet Users, VPN users into AMC (DC is available), and AMC Guest wireless users
Upgrade the AMC Defence center and AMC IPS's to software version
Planned Outage09/035:00 AM09/037:00 AM
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