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University of Colorado Denver

OIT Maintenance and Outages

Visit this web page to stay informed of the Office of Information Technology’s maintenance schedule and current outages. An outage is defined as any IT service interruption. A maintenance event may include a planned outage (downtime) for a system or service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk at
(303) 724-4357 (4-HELP) or via email at

Today's Maintenance and Outages Go to OIT's Maintenance Schedule

Services Affected
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Blue highlighted items are planned maintenance or outages, orange highlighted items are unplanned maintenance or outages

OIT's Maintenance Schedule Go to Today's Maintenance and Outages

Services Affected
Network, Building 500, 1st & 2nd floors
Reason for Outage: OIT TNI Network Core team will be upgrading the network on the 1st and 2nd floors of Building 500. The OIT TNI Network Core team will be upgrading the network on the 1st and 2nd floors of Building 500. During this work effort, the network services (wired and wireless) for a portion of the floor will be down at any given time during the work window. Wireless services will be restored first in each section, followed by the specialty applications such as fire and safety, security cameras and building automation systems. If you continue to have issues accessing the wired or wireless network after 4:00pm on either day, please call the CU Denver OIT Help Desk at 303-724-HELP (303-724-4357). If you would like to see a full list of outages, please go to:
Planned Outage11/278:00 AM11/284:00 PM
UCD Access and SharePoint Sites
Certain Users cannot log into UCD Access portal and SharePoint sites. We started receiving SCOM alerts at 7:20am and they ended at 8:02am. Issue was resolved at 9am on 11-23-15.
Unplanned Outage11/237:20 AM11/239:00 AM
Ucdenver Network
We are currently experiencing issues access external sites on the UCDenver network. We are working on the issue
Unplanned Outage11/234:35 PM11/235:15 PM
Adding New Centurlink Long Distance PRI Service to Cisco Call Manager expand LD trunk group to 48 ports. Stop fast busy on long distance calling
Planned Outage11/227:00 AM11/2210:00 AM
Logging into Epic
Physicians attempting to log into Epic with CU Denver credentials are unable to authenticate while on UCH network. At this time we have no ETA as to when services will be restored.

11-22-2015 8am update:

The issue has been resolved. The problem was a combination of port channels going down on the 6500, and the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) having an interaction with a duplicate address. The IPS has been bypassed on the affiliate link, so that will need to be put back in place after diagnosis next week by respective teams.
Unplanned Outage11/222:00 AM11/228:00 AM
Because data breaches are big news and are frequently very costly, the Office of Information Technology will be installing data discovery software on all university Windows systems on Saturday, November 21st, 2015. This will help to minimize the risk of data breaches of personally identifiable information (PII) and confidential data. The chosen software for University use is Identity Finder. Once installed users: • Should not see a performance impact • Will see a new program installed on their computer, called “Identity Finder”, but no desktop icon • Software only searches for PII information like Social Security numbers (SSN) and Credit Card numbers (CCN) • School/Department LAN admins and/or department admins will be notified when searches/scans will be performed on their systems. Searches/scans will be performed during after-hours only In many cases, breaches of private information have been from computers where no one expected that data to be. And according to the CU system-wide policy regarding security of private data and IT resources the user is responsible for any confidential or PII data, including any breach of that data. More information about the Identity Finder software can be found here: If you have further questions, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 4-HELP (303-724-4357 or
Planned Outage11/216:00 AM11/2112:00 PM
Description: The Elevate HCM (HR) and Finance 9.2 system upgrades are beginning! Additionally, Campus Solutions (CS) Bundles 38 & 39 required upgrades and regulatory updates are being implemented Sunday 11/22. Here is what you can expect over the next few weeks with the Elevate upgrade and CS Bundles. Additional information will be communicated as we near milestones in this extended maintenance window. Please note: The Elevate 9.2 upgrades affect only HCM, FIN and applications accessed via the CU Resources tab in the enterprise portal, unless otherwise noted. Campus Solutions, the enterprise portal and mobile are affected by the CS Bundle maintenance. High-level timing: HCM/CU Careers: Friday, November 20 through Thursday, December 3 (CU Careers – Search Jobs/Apply” link in CU Resources Sunday, December 5) FIN: Thursday, December 3 through Thursday, December 10 CS BUNDLES 38 & 39: Sunday, November 22 Friday, 11/20 at 5 p.m.: The current HR system, version 8.9, will be taken offline to begin the HCM upgrade. At this point, the CU Resources tab is available for all applications EXCEPT all HR 8.9 system-related links. Affected application links include: - All links under Payroll and Compensation - HR and recruitment application links under Business Applications - Pay Advice, My.Leave and Benefits Summary under Quick Links Additionally, the Voluntary Fiscal Assessments and ePers links will go offline until the FIN upgrade completes on Thursday, 12/10. Integrations between the HCM and FIN systems will also be offline throughout the full upgrade window. All other links within CU Resources will remain available. HR batch processing will be halted after select batch processing is completed. FIN batch processing specific to HCM will be halted. For eRA users, the InfoEd ESA integration that automatically adds and updates new employees will go offline until the FIN upgrade completes on Thursday, 12/10. Refer to communications sent separately by the UIS eRA team for instructions and additional information. Sunday, November 22: 6 a.m.-6 p.m.: Campus Solutions (CS) Bundles 38 & 39 maintenance window. At this time, the enterprise portal and Campus Solutions applications will be unavailable. Included in this window: - Oracle patches for Campus Solutions (PeopleTools, Bundles 38 & 39, FA Critical Patch) 6 p.m. (or following Bundle maintenance completion): The enterprise portal and Campus Solutions will be available. The CU Resources tab will have the following HR 8.9 functionality accessible as read-only: - Pay Advice - A copy of HR 8.9 under the Business Applications menu (for those who previously had access) IMPORTANT: Single sign-on through the enterprise portal for this functionality will be disabled. You will need to log in a second time to access these read-only functions. Thursday, December 3: HCM 9.2 becomes available! The new CU Resources tab will also become operational, as will CU Careers (except applicant search functionality currently accessed through the “CU Careers – Search Jobs/Apply” link in CU Resources). Additional communications will be sent including the estimated time the HCM and CU Careers applications will be available as we near the December 3 go-live. HCM batch processing starts back up, excluding FIN-specific processes. 5 p.m.: The current version of FIN 8.4 will go offline until go-live on Thursday, December 10. FIN 8.4 links will be removed from the CU Resources tab. Read-only access will not be available through CU Resources. FIN batch processing will be halted after nightly processing completes on 12/3. Saturday, December 5: CU Careers “CU Careers – Search Jobs/Apply” link will go live under Business Applications in the CU Resources tab (see future communications for timing). Thursday, December 10: FIN 9.2 will become available via CU Resources and all integrations for both HCM and FIN systems become operational. Additional communications will be sent including the estimated time FIN will be available as we near the December 10 go-live. Normal batch processing will start back up for FIN and HCM. The normal CIW ETL schedule will be restored. For more information about the Elevate HCM and FIN 9.2 upgrades, refer to the Elevate program site at Refer to the Business Calendar for future maintenance window dates and times at Elevate support: HCM: Email Call 303-860-4200, extension 2, Option 2 FIN: Email Call 303-837-2161 Chat UIS: Email Call 303-860-help(4357)
Planned Outage11/205:00 PM12/0311:55 PM
Once Elevate project leaders begin upgrade work at 5 p.m. Friday, you won’t be able to complete any personal tasks in the portal (e.g., requesting vacation time through My.Leave, changing your address, accessing your W-4) until the upgrade is complete Dec. 3.
CU Resources limited through upgrade work After nearly two years of planning and preparation, we're beginning initial work on the Elevate upgrade this weekend - and we want you to know what to expect. A redesigned employee portal will debut Dec. 3 in conjunction with Human Capital Management (HCM), software that simplifies recruitment, payroll, time-tracking and more. Implementing these new systems will affect your portal experience Nov. 20 to Dec. 3. Here's what to expect: • Once Elevate project leaders begin upgrade work at 5 p.m. Friday, you won’t be able to complete any personal tasks in the portal (e.g., requesting vacation time through My.Leave, changing your address, accessing your W-4) until the upgrade is complete Dec. 3. • On Sunday, Nov. 22, the portal's CU Resources tab goes down at 6 a.m. for system maintenance. Throughout the day, you will not have access to any information or applications found in the portal. When maintenance finishes that evening, you’ll regain access to the CU Resources tab but still be unable to complete personal tasks. You will have access to your pay stub and business tools like Skillsoft, Marketplace and Concur. Please note: You’ll need to log in twice to access information, because the portal's single sign-on functions will also be temporarily disabled. Since MyLeave will be down until Dec. 3, please submit known leave requests to your supervisor by the morning of Friday, Nov. 20. Leave requests not submitted before the system goes down can still be entered when the redesigned portal debuts Dec. 3. To learn more about the portal redesign, visit this Web page and watch the 90-second video. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we implement the Elevate upgrade. For more information on the upgrade, related deadlines and other information, visit
Planned Outage11/205:00 PM12/0312:00 AM
The Enterprise Services is adding additional system monitoring capabilities by integrating into their VM fiber backbone. These NICs will provide that fiber connectivity. There should be no outage related to this
Planned Outage11/158:00 AM12/1511:00 AM
Training portal will be unavailable.
We have been alerted by the SkillSoft vendor that the application will undergo maintenance on Saturday, November 14th from 7:00-7:30 p.m. MST. During this window, the training portal will be unavailable.
Planned Outage11/147:00 PM11/147:30 PM
Active DirectoryAnti- Virus ServicesApplication Hosting ServicesCherwell PortalCherwell ServiceCommunity File ServersCRMSCCM ServicesVoicemail Services
Monthly patching of OIT servers
Planned Outage11/146:00 AM11/1412:00 PM
AMC-Class Computers
We will be making a few upgrades 11/13/2015 Classroom Services the EMS system that will enhance the EMS for Outlook functionality. No down time is expected with these upgrades.
Planned Outage11/136:00 AM11/138:00 AM
Network: Wired & Wireless
The UPS requires servicing/replacement. The battery string will be replaced to improve reliability during power cutover to the generator
Planned Outage11/117:00 AM11/118:00 AM
Intermittent email delivery problems to,, email domain
We have recently received reports of intermittent email problems in delivering to,, email domains. Normally when this happens, it is a result of the mail domain ending up on a public blacklist due to compromised accounts or excessive SPAM originating from our system. When we receive reports that mail is not delivering in these situations, the first thing we do is check to see if our mail domain is blacklisted. In this case we found that our sending systems were not on any blacklists. After doing some further testing, we were able to intermittently reproduce these problems by sending test messages to the above Microsoft email domains – some messages delivered, others didn’t. While doing this, we also found that for the messages that did not deliver, the senders are not receiving bounce messages or any indication that the message did not deliver. Our systems logs show all messages bound for,, email domains delivering successfully. We believe the messages are being silently dropped with no bounce when Microsoft’s systems receive them. This is not “normal” email behavior. As a result of our tests and the failures, we opened a case with Microsoft to investigate. We received a response from Microsoft yesterday afternoon that they maintain their own email blacklists and that both of our sending servers are blacklisted by their systems (and only their systems). The following is part of the response we received from Microsoft yesterday afternoon: “We have investigated your deliverability issue regarding IPs . At the current time, these IPs are not eligible for mitigation. We are concerned with a pattern of irregular mail traffic originating from your IPs. While this could be benign, sudden changes in email sending volume can be the result of a server or network compromise or the result of compromised user accounts. “ My team will be contacting our Microsoft technical account manager and other Microsoft representatives to get to the bottom of this. This response and situation is unusual, unexpected, and something we have never experienced in the 10+ years I have been responsible for the mail systems at CU Denver. We will follow-up with more information when it becomes available and we apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing. In the meantime, we will likely continue to have intermittent success in sending email to,, email domains.
Unplanned Outage11/0612:00 AM11/209:00 AM

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