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IT Services, Information Technology Services

University of Colorado Denver

OIT Maintenance and Outages

Visit this web page to stay informed of the Office of Information Technology’s maintenance schedule and current outages. An outage is defined as any IT service interruption. A maintenance event may include a planned outage (downtime) for a system or service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Help Desk at
(303) 724-4357 (4-HELP) or via email at

Today's Maintenance and Outages Go to OIT's Maintenance Schedule

Services Affected
There are no items to show in this view of the "servicealerts" list.
Blue highlighted items are planned maintenance or outages, orange highlighted items are unplanned maintenance or outages

OIT's Maintenance Schedule Go to Today's Maintenance and Outages

Services Affected
Storage Services
Improving the capacity and performace of the virtualization environment at CU Denver; there is no outage associated with this change.
Planned Outage05/311:00 PM05/314:00 PM
This is a setting that is engaged that has no risk to affect any services.; it only would allow Outlook to further see the other affiliates calendars free-busy data. These setting changes do not engage or alter any production services or data (email flow, etc.)
We wish to enable Outlook "Free-Busy" calendar availability for Denver Health end-users. There is no outage associated with this: all email processes will continue to work as expected.
Planned Outage05/288:00 AM05/288:30 AM
Application Hosting Services
Remediate warning LED on database server.
Planned Outage05/277:00 AM05/278:00 AM
Wireless maintenance - no User impact.
Planned Outage05/256:00 AM05/257:00 AM
On Wednesday, May 18th at 7:00 we will enable IPv6 router advertisements on the 28 network at building 500 and the 66 network at Lawrence (currently not in use). This means that all machines with IPv6 enabled will automatically get an IPv6 address. Any destination with both an A record (IPv4) and an AAAA record (IPv6) will use the IPv6 route to access those destinations.
Planned Outage05/256:30 AM05/257:00 AM
Aplication Hosting Services
Currently all database reside on yurt2 when they normally sit on yurt1. The reason this occured was because yurt2 did not reboot properly after maintenance weekend. By reporting yurt2 two things are accomplished. 2. all db's are failed over to the primary cluster and 2. Reboot after microsoft patches are applied.
Planned Outage05/256:00 AM05/256:30 AM
Network-Wired, Network-Wireless
Brief network outage (wired and wireless) on 1st floor of Bioscience Park Center. No other buildings affected.
Planned Outage05/246:00 AM05/247:00 AM
Cherwell Portal
Compass: Need to apply changes to Cueharpt for OBIEE time-out change to 9 min.
Planned Outage05/246:00 AM05/248:00 AM
Firewall Management
Firewall management change with no service impact.
Planned Outage05/236:30 AM05/237:00 AM
Areas Affected: · Community File Servers: Mustang, Porsche, Viper and Wilson · Infrastructure Servers: DNS, DHCP, VPN, Domain Controllers · OIT-hosted departmental servers · Telecom voicemail servers including CallXpress · Linux/Unix servers
Planned Outage05/216:00 AM05/2112:00 PM
Backup Services
Monthly deployment of updates to OIT Data Protection Servers.
Planned Outage05/2012:00 PM05/204:00 PM
Canvas Identity Management Services
Login process for Canvas, no intended disruption to the server.
Planned Outage05/207:00 AM05/208:00 AM
Network Services
Add a new network switch to the existing network switch stack in North Classroom 1600F closet. This is to add additional capacity to support the expanded networking nedds of the floor.
Planned Outage05/206:00 AM05/207:00 AM
SCCM Services
All CU Denver and CU Anschutz laptops and desktops will receive Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office updates starting on Monday at 8:00PM. These updates can be installed manually when you see the pop-up reminder or will be installed automatically on Thursday at 12:00PM. A system restart is required, and if the logged on user ignores all reminders, the system will restart automatically at 12:00PM on Friday.
Planned Outage05/168:00 PM05/168:30 PM

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