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Wireless Network Access

Wireless Frequncly Asked Question.pdf

Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2 (WPA-2) (please see XpressConnect in FAQ's for client configuration) is the current campus security model; however Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is still being used in some locations. Unfortunately, WEP can be broken by publicly available automated tools in minutes, thus endangering your Intellectual Property, HIPAA, PHI, and other sensitive data. To overcome the inherent weaknesses in WEP, the IT Services department recommends Virtual Private Networking (VPN) or WPA-2. For more information please contact the university IT Services Help Desk at 303-724-HELP (4357).

Malicious login mitigation requirements

Authenticated users must maintain anti-virus (AV) software on their mobile computer as a requirement for continued wireless service. You are also required to maintain operating system (Windows) and application (Office, Word, Excel, etc.) patches on your mobile computer. For Windows patches, see For Office suite patches, visit You must also obtain patches from your other software vendors, as needed.

CU Anschutz Students should contact the Anschutz Medical Campus Library at 303-724-2129 for support.

CU Denver Students call the helpdesk at 303-724-HELP (4357).

Guests must maintain their own anti-virus software and patches. We may scan guest computers prior to admittance. Mobile computers without current anti-virus software and patches may be denied access to campus resources.

Types of users: we support two types of users on campus: guests and authenticated users.

Guests are only authorized Internet access. However, they may access the university's resources if they are authorized to use VPN. Guest users may have a rate-limited pipe to the Internet to prevent them from over-consuming our Internet resources.

Authenticated users using VPN are university faculty, staff, sponsored users and students. Additionally, authenticated users must enter their University domain user-id and password prior to gaining wireless VPN access. (Go to Authenticated users have access to internal resources and the Internet. For more information call the helpdesk 303-724-4357 (4HELP).

Authenticated users using WPA-2 this is a non VPN way of accessing university resources.

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