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What is this strange message from OIT at the top of the email that I just received?

Email Phishing Warning


Many of the phishing attacks that we see
on campus continue to use the same hosting sites to house their online forms over and over again - the web sites that they are trying to get people to visit, so that the attacker can con the person into giving away their credentials. We have setup a warning system that checks for these commonly-used URLs and, when it finds a match, the system appends a warning text to the beginning of the email, warning the recipient that the message is probably a phishing attack.
We encourage all of you to remain vigilant and to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism about the Internet. Be careful out there!
Here's the text that we are using in the
aforementioned warnings:
The CU Denver spam filter has detected a link in the message below which may be malicious. The site, (Offending URL), is FREQUENTLY used by internet criminal to trick people into giving way their username and password. It is ultimately up to you to decide if the link might server some legitimate purpose, but we implore you to use a healthy doe of skepticism when you make this decision. For information about why this warning was added to this message see
This warning has been inserted here by CU Denver's IronPort Spam Filter System by the Office of Information Technology. For more information, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 303-724-4357.

How to determine if an email is a phishing message:
Phishing Info

If you have any questions about an email or URL that was flagged with a warning, or you would like to know whether a particular email is a phishing attack or a legitimate email, please contact the OIT Help Desk and 303-724-4357 or 4-HELP. 

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