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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

IT Services Support Model

Apple Inc. released their newest Operating System (OS) called: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, on July 20th, 2011. IT Services provides best effort support with several Mac OS Lion system features, provided that your system is: University owned, has been fully updated with updates from Apple for the Mac Operating System and is up to date with patches from 3rd party software vendors to any software on your Mac (such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Suites).

Additional support for your Mac system can be obtained from your departmental IT Support, University LAN Admins, Apple Customer Support and Apple Stores.

This new operating system has been tested for enterprise level computing and the IT Services department has evaulated it for use within the University environment. Testing has concluded and most major compatibility and stability issues have been resolved by Apple updates or software vendor updates to Mac software.
IT Services discovered a great deal of compatibility issues related to this new release of Mac OS Lion that originally included not being able to run McAfee Enterprise Security software, LAN Desk Management software, as well as several Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite compatibility and stability issues.    
Please note:  if you have an encrypted Mac Laptop do not upgrade to the new Mac OS Lion at this time, please contact your LAN Admin or IT Services to ensure that the University PGP encryption software is compatible with the Lion OS version you have installed on your system.
Campus Requirements for Supported Macintosh Operating Systems
These are  mandatory requirements for the Campus IT Standards:
  • Campus centrally managed anti-virus software (currently McAfee)
  • Campus centrally managed patch management software (currently LAN Desk)
  • Microsoft server 2008 Domain Joining
  • Encryption software remediation (currently PGP) required for HIPAA, PHI or users that have any sensitive data
These are “supplemental” requirements but may be required for some University users:
  • Microsoft Office and Entourage remediation for known issues
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Access
  • Adobe Software Issues
Known Lion OS Compatibility Issues
Adobe Software Suites and Mac OS Lion:

McAfee Security/Antivirus Enterprise Software and Mac OS Lion:
  • Current McAfee Enterprise Level Security and Antivirus Software will install on Lion OS systems, but not receive updates from the University McAfee EPO Server or McAfee's Corporate servers. Additional McAfee application stability issues have been reported. Updating of the McAfee EPO Server or the McAfee Client Software is required to resolve these issues on the Lion OS.

Microsoft Office Applications and Mac OS Lion:​​
PGP Encryption Software and Mac OS Lion

University of Colorado Denver Domain-Binding and Mac OS Systems:
  • Lion OS Systems running OS version 10.7.2 will effectively bind to the University Domain and allow network/domain account login and authentication. However it is necessary and strongly recommended that Lion systems be updated to 10.7.2 before University Domain Binding is attempted to allow proper communication with the Domain and OS stability.
Lion OS Testing Information
Downgrading Lion OS back to Snow Leopard (UPDATE):

              - Additional information on MacBook Air Mid 2011:

  • With those new Macs introduced before the new Lion OS but bought with Lion installed, Apple might be able to send a Snow Leopard disc. Here’s the list of Mac OS X versions for all the Macs:
Microsoft Office 2011 Compatibility issues (UPDATE):
  • Several Testers and University Lion OS users have reported, after Microsoft release Office 2011 Service Pack 1 (SP1 Update), that the overall stability and reliability of Office 2011 applications increased. This update (SP1) can be downloaded via the "Microsoft Auto Update" feature of Office 2011.
 Lion OS and Domain Binding Issues (UPDATE):

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