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Budget Office

Budget Office

Frequently Asked Questions

What does FOPPS stand for?
What is the difference between a debit and a credit?
What is the monthly deadline for submitting Budget Journal Entries?
Entries for Sponsored Programs
Budget Journal Entries
What budget ledger do I need to use when creating a budget journal entry?
Do I need to enter a budget for cents?
Where do I input the position number on
budget journals?
Where do I input FTE on budget journals?
Does the Budget Office require back-up for BJEs?
Auxiliary Budgets
Do I need to enter a budget for my Auxiliary fund
speed types?
Do I need to take action if one of my Auxiliary
speed types will not have any activity next
fiscal year?
Where can I find the Auxiliary Budget Webpage
to enter an initial Auxiliary budget?
How do I sign in to the Auxiliary Budget Webpage?
How can I adjust my Auxiliary budgets after the initial upload?
Additional ABR FAQs answered here​.​
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