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Tutor Training Topics


The Learning Resources Center’s (LRC) Tutorial Services is internationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC). CRLA is "an international organization of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, and tutorial services at the college level. Its members promote the implementation of innovative strategies to enhance student learning"(
Criteria for LRC tutors receiving certification is based on overall satisfactory performance in all evaluative areas, completion of required training hours and topics, cumulative tutored hours, application of tutoring concepts and techniques, and others.
ITTPC Reviewer’s Comments:
“This program has the most aggressive training schedule I have seen.  The number of training courses offered is impressive.”
“Superb program.  Well thought out, and extremely comprehensive.  One of the best I have reviewed.”
Tutors who complete the required trainings are eligible for certification at Levels 1 and 2. Below are the trainings required for tutors to meet certification eligibility requirements:
Level 1 Topics:
·       Center's Services, Missions and Goals (0.25 hrs)
·       Tutoring Policies & Procedures/Documentations (4.50 hrs) 
·       Sexual Harassment (University requirement/online training & quiz) (1.50 hrs)
·       FERPA/Confidentiality (University requirement/online training & quiz) (1.50 hrs)
·       Emergency Response Procedures (0.50 hrs)
·       Definition of Tutoring/Tutor's Roles & Responsibilities (1.00 hr)
·       Referral Skills (0.25 hrs)
·       Active Learning/Critical Thinking (1.00 hr)
·       Tutoring Cycle (1.00 hr)
·       First Session Meeting/Tutoring Intake Form (0.50 hrs)
·       Communication Skills (Star Activity) (1.00 hr)
·       Basic Tutoring Guidelines (Video) (0.50 hrs)
·       Do's & Don'ts (Role play/Group Discussion) (1.00 hr)
·       Demonstration of Content Comprehension (1.00 hr)
·       Dealing with Difficult Tutoring Situations (1.50 hrs)
·       Dealing with Difficult Students (1.50 hrs)
·       Disability Services/Awareness (1.00 hr)
·       Study Skills  
·       Learning Styles (1.00 hr)
Level 2 Topics:
·       Review of Level 1 Topics (1.50 hrs)
·       4MAT (Brain Dominance Learning/Learning Cycle) (1.00 hr)
·       Information Overload (1.50 hrs)
·       Memory Principles/ Mnemonics (1.50 hrs)
·       Tutoring in Specific Subject Area (Internet research & written report) (1.50 hrs)
·       Test Anxiety (1.50 hrs)
·       Strategies for Tutoring ESOL Students (1.25 hrs)
·       Tutoring Students with Disabilities (1.50 hrs)
·       Issues with Motivation (1.00 hr)
·       Group Tutoring (1.00 hr)
·       Expand Concentration (1.00 hr)
·       Students in Distress (1.50 hrs)
·       Cultural Awareness and Inter-Cultural Communications (1.50 hrs)
·       Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transsexual (GLBT) (1.50 hrs)
·       Student Services (1.50)
·       Collaborative Learning (0.50 hrs)
·       Questioning Strategies/Critical Thinking/Probing Questions (1.00 hr)
Level 3 Topics: (pilot)
·         Review of Level 1 & 2 topics
·         Self-regulated learning, brain learning, and/or memory
·         How to tutor/deal with target populations
·         Training and supervising/leadership/coaching other tutors (supervisory skills)
·         practicum is optional
·         Group management skills (group interaction and group dynamics)
 Elective Topics (min. one):
·         Interviewing skills (selecting new tutors)
·         The role of learning centers in higher education (research)
·         Structuring the learning experience (research)


Self-Paced Trainings:
Below are the self-paced trainings which tutors need to complete in order to qualify for Level 1 certification:

In addition to the Level 1 trainings, tutors must complete the self-paced trainings listed below in order to qualify for Level 2 certification:




























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