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Radiation Safety


Revised Initial Radiation Worker Training

Radiation Worker Training - Part I covers basics in radiation physics, instrumentation, biological effects of radiation, waste classification, radiation protection principles, among other topics.  This presentation is available through SkillSoft.  Follow the instructions on the SkillSoft page to access this online training.
Radiation Worker Training - Part II addresses instrumentation in more detail, units of radioactivity, decay calculations and provides an overview of RAM use in the laboratory.  A few concepts from Part I are also reviewed.  This instructor led training is typically offered once per month.  Please bring a scientific calculator with
PI Mod 5 is required for any Principal Investigator seeking to use radioactive materials in their lab.  The module is an open book exam session and covers responsibilities of authorized PIs and radioactive materials use.  Exam sessions are available on the same dates as RW - Part II and as walk-ins (see the RAM PI tab below for more detail).
Click RW - Part II and PI Mod 5 Registration to see the upcoming schedule and register for the class.​

All persons working with radioactive materials must complete radiation worker training as required by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the university's Committee on Ionizing Radiation. Initial Radiation Worker training is offered in two parts.  Annual refresher training is required to remain an authorized radiation worker.  See more details by clicking the appropriate training tab below.

Rad Worker Training - Part I: This training covers basic radiation physics, instrumentation, biological effects of radiation, and radioactive waste among other topics. The course must be completed through SkillSoft and should be completed prior to attending the Part II instructor led training. Click SkillSoft to see instructions on accessing the training through the campus portal.

The SkillSoft course identification for Radiation Worker - Part I is titled: "CU: Initial Radiation Safety Training" (ID: _scorm12_cu_u00131_0001) - select the right course as credit will not be given for taking the incorrect course.

Rad Worker Training - Part II: This session reviews some topics from Part I, in addition to calculating radioactive decay and instrument efficiency, dealing with emergencies, and an overview if RAM use in the laboratory setting. Click RW-Part II and PI Mod 5 Registration to see the upcoming schedule and to register for the class.  Please bring a scientific calculator with you to class.

Review of the Radiation Safety Training Manual, Radiation Safety Manual, and Radioactive Waste Disposal Manual prior to training is recommended. The manuals are available on our Policies and Procedures page under Radiation Safety.

​Principal Investigators seeking authorization to use RAM in their laboratory must complete the same two courses as Radiation Workers in addition to completing a PI specific module covering authorized RAM PI responsibilities. This module is an exam session only. Review of the Radiation Safety Manual is recommended prior to arriving for the exam. The manual may be found on the Policies and Procedures page under "Radiation Safety".

The RAM PI Module 5 is available on the same schedule as RW Part II, beginning at 10:30am.  See the RW-Part II and PI Mod 5 schedule for the current availability.  The PI Mod 5 is also available on an as needed basis as a walk-in. Please contact our main office at 303-724-0345, press option 2 to speak with the assistant to schedule a time to take this module.

Required annually for all principal investigators holding active RAM authorizations and all Radiation Workers using RAM. You will be sent a reminder notice at the beginning of the month your training is due. Delinquency notices are sent to you and your PI at the beginning of the month after your training was due if the training was not completed.

Failure to complete the training will result in placing a RAM procurement restriction on the laboratory until the training is completed.

Be sure to complete the right SkillSoft course to receive credit for the training.

Click SkillSoft to review instructions on training access.
"CU: Radiation Safety Refresher" (ID:_scorm12_u00100_0001)

​Radiation Workers must complete the Rad Safety OJT form. Documentation must be kept in the lab and available for review by inspectors. This OJT emphasizes tasks associated with working and handling RAM. This document is separate from the EHS OJT Training form.

The Radiation Safety OJT form is available on our Forms page.

​Training for use of the X-Irradiator is conducted by Tim Thorvaldson. If you need to schedule a training session or if you have questions, please contact Tim Thorvaldson at 303-724-0109.

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