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University of Colorado Denver

Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver
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EHS Address and Staff Contact Information

EHS Main Office

Phone number: 303-724-0345
Fax: 303-724-0388

Mailing Address:

University of Colorado Denver Environmental Health and Safety
Campus Mail Stop F-484
1784 Racine Street, Room R09- 202
Aurora, CO 80045-7144

Parcel Delivery Address:

University of Colorado Denver
Environmental Health and Safety
1784 Racine St, Building 401
Room 202
Aurora, CO 80045

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Name Title Phone Unit
Breanne Beck, CIH, MS Environmental Health Specialist 303-724-2532 ECIH
Cory Smith Environmental Health Specialist 303-724-2271 ECIH
Heather Beery Occupational Clinic Coordinator 303-724-4663 Occupational Health
Tina Fay Occupational Clinic Office Assistant 303-724-4663 Occupational Health
Ethan Carter, PhD Director/Responsible Official 303-724-0699 Director, EHS
JC Lexow Administrative Assistant III 303-724-0345 Administrative
Marcia Finucane, MS CBSP Biosafety Officer 303-724-0235 Biosafety
Zachary Wilson, MS Assistant Biosafety Officer 303-724-5954 Biosafety
Manuel Gonzales Biological Waste Technician 303-724-0111 Biosafety
Robert Williams Biological Waste Technician 303-724-0111 Biosafety
Christina Aguilera, MPH, CHMM Manager, Environmental Compliance, Industrial Hygiene 303-724-0242 ECIH
Denise Donnelly, CHMM Assistant Biosafety Officer 303-724-7395 Biosafety
Vacant Industrial Hygienist 303-724-0249 ECIH
Jerman Lopez, CHMM Hazardous Materials Program Manager / LAN Administrator 303-724-0344 HazMat
Magan Kotecha Hazardous Materials Specialist (AMC) 303-724-5661 HazMat
Victor Martinez Hazardous Materials Specialist (AMC) 303-724-0127 HazMat
Ethan Martin, MS Environmental Health Specialist (Auraria/DDC) 303-556-6779 ECIH
Beth Strimpel, BSN, MA Manager, Occupational Health Nurse 303-724-4663 Occupational Health
Riad Safadi, MS Radiation Safety Officer 303-724-0234 Radiation Safety
Jeremy Byble Alternate Radiation Safety Officer 303-724-0128 Radiation Safety
Tim Thorvaldson Health Physicist 303-724-0109 Radiation Safety
Mark Garcia Radiation Safety Specialist 303-724-0109 Radiation Safety
Alan Morton Radiation Safety Specialist LAN Administrator 303-724-0109 Radiation Safety
University of Colorado Denver

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