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University of Colorado Denver

Anschutz Medical Campus

Faculty Senate

School-wide faculty representation and governance

The Faculty Senate* is the principal unit of faculty governance. Senat​e membership is comprised of a number of Voting Faculty representatives from each department within the School, proportional to the number of voting faculty within that unit relative to the total number of Voting Faculty in the School. Each representative will serves a 3 year term.

Members of the Voting Faculty at all partner and affiliated institutions are eligible for election as representatives to the Faculty Senate. Each Department’s representatives to the Faculty Senate is chosen so as to ensure that faculty holding tenure-track or tenure eligible and non tenure-track (clinical-teaching and research) primary appointments at the School are included. In addition, there is proportionate representation for each unit from the academic partners (CSU, UNC) and at least one faculty member at large from a public-health practice institution.

The Faculty Senate provides representation for the faculty of the School, including those based at the lead and partner institutions. The Council presents the issues and concerns of the faculty and seeks action when required; provides a representative group with which others can communicate issues or new initiatives to the faculty; makes recommendations to the Dean and Executive Council on matters of educational, scholarly, clinical, and designated administrative issues in the School -- with the exception of recommendations for faculty personnel actions, student promotions and honors, and student and faculty disciplinary actions.

In addition to the Faculty Sentate Officers listed on this page (left), additional members of the 2015-2016 Senate include:

  • Danielle Brittain, PhD, Associate Professor, Community & Behavioral Health
  • Carolyn DiGuiseppi, MD, MPH, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor, Epidemiology
  • Lindsey Duca, Student
  • David Goff, MD, PhD, Dean and Professor, Epidemiology
  • John Hokanson, PhD, Professor, Epidemiology
  • Elizabeth Juarez-Colunga, PhD, Assitant Professor, Biostatistics & Informatics
  • Carol Kaufman, PhD, Associate Professor, Community & Behavioral Health
  • Robin Kimbrough-Melton, JD, Research Professor, Community & Behavioral Health
  • Jini Puma, PhD, Assistant Professor, Community & Behavioral Health
  • Elaine Scallan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
  • Berrin Serdar, MD, PhD, Assitant Professor, Environmental & Occupational Health
  • Brandie Wagner, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Biostatistics & Informatics




*Formerly titled Faculty Council, renamed with approval in 2012

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