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University of Colorado Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


International Studies BA Program

Major Requirements

INTS offers a professionally-oriented major, and students are expected to develop both a regional Zone of Expertise and Focus Theme specialization. Students should choose courses from the Introductory, Zone, and Theme course lists that contribute to developing both a broad and deep understanding of international issues.  Below are the requirements for the  International Studies (INTS) major:

  • To review a four-year roadmap for the INTS major, download this International Students_Major Map.pdfInternational Students_Major Map.pdf
  • To see examples of how the major can be completed, download our Example INTS Course Maps.pdfExample INTS Course Maps.pdf
  • Information regarding the original major (pre-Fall 2016) is loca​ted on the degree audit page in students' portals. Please contact an INTS advisor for questions regarding the revised and original major.

International Studies Program Requirements

  • 16 classes (48 credits) required.
  • No more than 56 credits accepted toward graduation.
  • Students may transfer in 8 or fewer classes (24 credits).
  • C (2.0) or above required for all major courses.
  • Program Honors = 3.0 overall and 3.5 GPA within the major.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better is required.
  • Students may use up to 6 internship credits toward International Studies graduation requirements.
  • Students may use up to 6 credits of independent study toward International Studies graduation requirements.
  • All International Studies majors must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English. Non-native English speakers may use English for their language proficiency. Language requirements may be fulfilled by successful completion of the fourth semester of a foreign language course sequence or by passing an equivalent proficiency exam. Two 2000-level language courses may be counted toward the major overall (but 2000-level language courses do not fulfill Zone or Focus Theme requirements). 3000- and 4000-level language courses may be counted toward the Zone, Focus Theme, or other requirements. 1000-level language courses cannot be counted toward the major but may be used to fulfill other graduation requirements.

Required Introductory Courses

  • INTS 2020 Foundations of International Studies
  • ECON 2012 Macro Economics
  • PSCI 3042 International Relations or PSCI 3052 Comparative Politics
  • HIST 4032 Globalization in World History since 1945
  • COMM 4720 Global Communication or ANTH 2102 Culture & Human Experience

10 Courses from one Zone of Expertise and one Focus Theme
An updated list of courses is found under Course Offerings.

  • At least four courses must be drawn from one Zone of Expertise.
  • At least four courses must be drawn from one Focus Theme.
  • One of these courses must be a designated High Impact course, e.g., global study, study abroad, internship, service learning, or independent study.
  • Students must take courses in at least two different disciplines for both their Zone of Expertise and Focus Theme.
  • Students who do not apply two 2000-level language courses to their degree must use those two course slots for additional courses related to their chosen Zone of Expertise and/or Focus Theme.

Zones of Expertise

  • Africa (Sub-Saharan; French or other relevant language)
  • Asia (Chinese or other relevant language)
  • Colonial, Neo-Colonial, & Post-Colonial Worlds (English for non-native speakers, French, German, Spanish, or other relevant language)
  • Europe (English for non-native speakers, French, German, Spanish, or other relevant language)
  • Global (any language, English for non-native speakers)
  • Islamic World (Arabic or other relevant language)
  • Latin America (Spanish or other relevant language)
  • North America (English for non-native speakers, French, Spanish, or other relevant language)

Focus Themes

  • Activism, Resistance, & Social Justice
  • Environmental Studies
  • Ethnicity, Nationalism, & Migration
  • Feminist Theory & Gender Studies
  • Global Arts & Cultures
  • Global Development Studies
  • Global Health Studies
  • International Business, Communication, & Media
  • International Political Economy
  • Peace, Human Rights, & Security

Capstone Requirement

Students must complete a capstone seminar in the major.  We offer the course INTS 4990 as our capstone. This course is available every semester.