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Faculty & Staff Directory

Loren Cobb, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor

Office Location: AB1-4227
Phone: (303) 315-1739

Areas of Expertise:
Statistics, Mathematical Sociology, and Computational Mathematics


Education & Degrees

Dr. Cobb completed his doctoral studies in mathematical sociology at Cornell University in 1972, and did his post-doctoral training in psychiatry and public health at the U. of South Florida Medical School, 1975-77. In 2004 his twenty years of work in socio-economic development, governance, and corruption was recognized with the Gold Medal of the Bolivian School of Advanced National Studies. He holds a software patent and several awards for his work on the "CodeCheck" source-code analysis language. His research in a wide variety of disciplines has been continuously supported by grants and contracts since 1973.


Dr. Cobb is an applied mathematician and statistician who specializes in dynamic spatial models of general social processes, including epidemics, public health emergencies, refugee problems, population flows, economic collapse, ethnic cleansing, governmental dysfunction, and civil wars.

Dr. Cobb has written numerous simulation models of societies in extreme distress; these models have been used for the past sixteen years in international civil-military-police exercises in complex humanitarian emergencies, disaster relief operations, United Nations peacekeeping operations, and refugee resettlement issues.

Dr. Cobb has taught at the graduate level in departments of mathematics, statistics, epidemiology, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and computer science. He has facilitated over fifty high-level exercises in national strategy formation in eight nations of Latin America, and has taught international negotiation and crisis management for the Organization of American States.

Select Publications

Cobb L (2010) A Survey of Irregular War and its Precursors in Latin America and the Caribbean. Miami, FL: US Southern Command.

Mandel, J, Cobb, L, and Beezley, J (2010) "On the convergence of the ensemble Kalman filter", forthcoming in Applications of Mathematics.

Cobb, L, and Gonzalez, MA (2007) "Explicando la corrupción como un sistema de ciclos viciosos entrelazados." (Translation: Explaining corruption as a system of interlocking vicious cycles) Security and Defense Studies Review, vol. 7, #1.

Cobb, L (2001) "NationLab 1999: The Economic and Social Reconstruction of Bolivia." In Analysis for Crisis Response and Societal Reconstruction, edited by AER Woodcock and D Davis. Clementsport, Nova Scotia: The Canadian Peacekeeping Press.

Cobb, L (1989) C and C++ Code Analysis using CodeCheck. Portland, OR: Abraxas Software.

Cobb, L, Koppstein, P, and Chen, NH (1983) "Estimation and moment recursion relations for multimodal exponential distributions." Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 78, 124-130.

Cobb, L and Thrall, RM (1981) Mathematical Frontiers of the Social and Policy Sciences. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Courses Taught

Math 6330: Workshop on Statistical Consulting
Math 6360: Exploratory Data Analysis