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Faculty & Staff Directory

Diana White, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office Location: AB1-4118
Phone: (303) 315-1720
Areas of Expertise:
Mathematics/Mathematics Education


Education & Degrees

Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Nebraska

M.S., Mathematics, University of Illinois

B.S., Mathematics, US Air Force Academy



Dr. Diana White received her Ph.D. in 2007 from the University of Nebraska under the direction of Sean Sather-Wagstaff. She then held a research postdoctoral position at the University of South Carolina. Her research focus centered on homological aspects of commutative algebra, specifically relative homological algebra with respect to semidualizing modules.

Upon coming to the University of Colorado Denver in 2008, Dr. White became a mathematician in mathematics education. She specifically focuses on the mathematical development of pre-service and in-service teachers at all levels.

She is the P.I. on the National Science Foundation Rocky Mountain Noyce Scholars Program grant. This interdisciplinary grant with the School of Education and Human Development provides scholarship and internship opportunities to undergraduate pre-service secondary math teachers at the University of Colorado Denver. As part of this grant, she led the redesign of the secondary math education option of the mathematics major at UCD to align with the Conference Board of the Mathematical Science recommendations on the Mathematical Education of Teachers. She is actively working with the School of Education and Human Development to integrate the content and methods aspects of teacher training.

Dr. White is also the project director for the Rocky Mountain Math Teachers' Circle, a professional development program for middle-level math teachers that focuses on mathematical problem solving. At the national level, she is on the advisory group for the Special Interest Group on Math Circles of the Mathematical Association of America, and she is actively researching the impact of Math Teachers’ Circles on participating teachers at both the local and national levels.

Select Publications

"AB-contexts and stability for Gorenstein at modules with respect to semidualizing modules," with S. Sather-Wagstaff and T. Sharif, Algebr. Represent. Theory, to appear.

"Tate cohomology with respect to semidualizing modules," with S. Sather-Wagstaff and T. Sharif, Journal of Algebra, 324, (2010), no. 9, 2336-2368.

"Gorenstein projective dimension with respect to a semidualizing module," J. Comm. Alg., 2 (2010) no. 1.

"Homological Aspects of Semidualizing Modules," with R. Takahashi, Math Scand, 106 (2010), no. 1, p. 5-22.

"Comparison of relative cohomology theories with respect to semidualizing modules," with S. Sather-Wagstaff and T. Sharif, Math. Z., 263 (2010), no. 3, p. 571-600.

"Stability of Gorenstein categories," with Sean Sather-Wagstaff and Tirdad Sharif, Journal of the London Mathematical Society (2) 77 (2008), no. 2, 481-502.

"An Euler characteristic for modules of finite G-dimension," with, S. Sather-Wagstaff Math. Scand. 102 (2008), no. 2, 206–230.

"Gorenstein cohomology in abelian categories," with S. Sather-Wagstaff and T. Sharif, J. Math. Kyoto Univ., 48 (2008), no. 3, 571–596.

"Foxby equivalence over associative rings," with H. Holm, J. Math. Kyoto Univ., 47 (2007), no. 4, 781–808.

Courses Taught

Math 3000: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
Math 3140: Introduction to Modern Algebra
Math 4010/5010: History of Mathematics
Math 4012/5012: An Advanced Perspective on Number and Operation
Math 4013/5013: An Inquiry-Based Approach to Middle-Level Geometry
Math 4015/5015: Capstone Course for Secondary Teachers
Math 4027/5017: Topics in Math for Teachers