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Degree Requirements

Community Service and Public Affairs

The Department of Communication's Community Service and Public Affairs Pathway offers students a variety of courses meant to build the skills and experiences needed to practice communication for the common good. These courses focus on changing notions of citizenship, the norms of participation in our democracy, and the ethics of persuasion, argumentation, and social transformation. These courses also offer hands-on experiences for practicing leadership and handling conflict in real world situations. Students who focus their efforts in this pathway will therefore complete their Communication major with the skills required to work in the public sector and to act for social justice. This pathway is an ideal choice for students whose career goals focus less on accumulating wealth and power than on increasing understanding and tolerance, nurturing a sensitivity to diversity, and inculcating more respectful and thoughtful public deliberation.

Students who pursue this pathway may seek employment with nonprofit or non-governmental organizations or with local, state, or federal agencies. Examples of careers in community service for which our students may qualify include:

  • consumer advocate
  • public relations specialist for a nonprofit group
  • volunteer services coordinator
  • nonprofit communications specialist
  • fundraiser
  • web designer
  • community relations specialist
  • community liaison
  • lobbyist or special interest advocate
  • community organizer


All students who pursue this pathway will first take 2020, Communication and Citizenship.

The Community Service & Public Affairs pathway includes the following classes:


  • 3271 Communication and Diversity  
  • 4040 Communication, Prison, and Social Justice
  • 4260 Communication and Conflict
  • 4262 Mediation
  • 4265 Gender and Communication
  • 4270 Intercultural Communication
  • 4282 Environmental Advocacy
  • 4601 Communication and Food
  • 4682 Political Communication
  • 4720 Global Communication
​And see the classes available from other departments under the Social Justice Minor

Students who have questions about this pathway or these classes should contact Dr. Stephen John Hartnett, Associate Professor and Chair, at either 303-556-2778 or