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Douglas F. Dyckes, Ph.D


Office Location: Science 4128 B
Phone: (303) 556-3204
Fax: (303) 556-4776
Office hours:
By appointment

Area of Expertise:
Amino acid and peptide synthesis; enzyme inhibitors; protein structure

​Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1970

B.A., Yale University, 1963

Professor Dyckes current research is centered on the synthesis of small amino acid and dipeptide analogues, designed to be of potential use in constructing biologically active peptides and/or polymers with unique properties.

Rentsenmyadag, D.; Dyckes D.F., Synthesis and spontaneous cyclization of dimethyl 1,4-diamino-1,4-cyclohexane dicarboxylate. Chemistry and Chemical Technology, National University of Mongolia (2006), 6, 97-103.
Zimmer Jennifer S Dickinson; Dyckes Douglas F; Bernlohr David A; Murphy Robert C  Fatty acid binding proteins stabilize leukotriene A4: competition with arachidonic acid but not other lipoxygenase products.  Journal of lipid research  (2004), 45(11),  2138-44.
Kimbrough, Doris R.; Dyckes, Douglas F.; Mlady, Gary W.  Teaching science and public policy through role playing.  Journal of Chemical Education  (1995), 72(4), 295-6.
McMurray, John S.; Budde, Raymond J. A.; Dyckes, Douglas F.  Cyclic peptide substrates of pp60c-src: synthesis and evaluation. International Journal of Peptide & Protein Research (1993), 42(3), 209-15. 
Stachowiak, Krystyna; Wilder, Cheryl; Vestal, Marvin L.; Dyckes, Douglas F..  Rapid protein sequencing by the enzyme-thermospray liquid chromatographic/mass spectrometric method.    Journal of the American Chemical Society  (1988), 110(6),  1758-65.

CHEM 3411 and 3421: Organic Chemistry I & II

CHEM 3481 and 3491: Honors Organic Chemistry i & II

CHEM 3498: Honors Organic Chemistry Laboratory II

CHEM 2031 and 2061: General Chemistry I & II