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Bachelor of Science



Undergraduate Biology Degrees

Through the study of biology, students are introduced to the cornerstones of the discipline within an evolutionary context, thereby leading to an appreciation for the diversity of life on earth and the processes supporting it.  As such, graduates are well-prepared for diverse careers in biology, as well as the health sciences.  Many students pursue professional degrees in dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and physical therapy.  Others seek advanced degrees in academic areas as diverse as environmental biology, genetic counseling and cell biology, which lead to jobs in academia, and the public or private sector.  In conjunction with teacher certification, the major prepares students to teach at the secondary school level.  Regardless, our majors are instilled with a respect, concern, and sense of responsibility for life and the environment, as well as the knowledge to understand and evaluate biological advances that are transforming society. Our curriculum is designed to offer, through core and ancillary courses, a firm foundation in those areas that provide an important background for understanding life processes.  Choosing from among a variety of biology electives accommodates individual interests.

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