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Highlights of FY 2017 Rate Setting

The Office of Information Technology is committed to creating value for our customers. As more customers use our services, we are able to lower our rates.  Due to careful management and use of service center billing revenue, the FY 2017 rates for all campus technology service areas will be changing as follows from FY 2016 rates:

FY 2017 Rate Changes (effective 7/1/2016)

Service (charged monthly) FY17 (new rates) FY16 (old rates)
Central File Servers - Add'l Storage ​$0.21/GB/month ​$0.40/GB/month
Server Hosting - Virtual Server $130/month $135/month
Server Hosting - Add'l Storage $0.21/GB/month $0.23/GB/month
​Server Hosting - Back Up Service ​$0.10/GB/month ​$0.19/GB/month
​Server Hosting - Add'l Processor ​$15/proc/month ​$20/proc/month

Please see the OIT Finance FAQ page​ for answers to frequently asked questions. 

Market Basket

The table below shows the monthly cost of common services required by one person in a department or school from the Office of Information Technology. This is what we call the information technology market basket. In FY 2017, a typical market basket of services will cost $56.19.

Description FY17 FY16 Difference
Voice Connection $22.50 $22.50 $0.00
Network Connection (1) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Long Distance, State-2-State (1 hour) $2.91 $2.91 $0.00
Basic Numeric Pager $5.78 $5.78 $0.00
Central File Server account $10.00 $10.00
Remote Computing (virtual desktop access)  $15.00 $15.00 $0.00
Total $56.19 $56.19 $0.00

Voice Services

Description Location Type Rate FY17
Voice Moves and Changes Denver/Anschutz Medical Campus 1/2 hr Hourly $45.00
​AHEC Moves and Changes ​Denver Campus ​AHEC ​Hourly ​$50.00

File Storage and Server Hosting Costs

Description Location Type Rate FY17 (new)
Central File Server Anschutz & Denver Additional Storage Monthly $0.21/GB
Server Hosting Anschutz & Denver External Dept Backups Monthly $65.00
Server Hosting Anschutz & Denver Virtual Server Monthly $130.00
​Server Hosting Anschutz & Denver ​Physical Server ​Monthly ​$175.00
​Server Hosting Anschutz & Denver ​Add'l Processor ​Monthly ​$15.00
Server Hosting Anschutz & Denver Additional Storage Monthly $0.21/GB
​Server Hosting Anschutz & Denver ​Backup Storage (Add'l) Monthly ​​$0.10/GB
​Server Hosting Anschutz & Denver ​Server Support Consulting ​Hourly ​$80.00
  • Central File Server Connections - Users are provided with 4GB of basic storage, typically provided as a home or departmental directory. Additional file storage that is consumed beyond 4 gigabytes is charged an additional $0.21/GB per month.
  • Server Hosting - Departments are provided with 100 GB of storage and 1 processor on the initial server configuration.  Additional server storage is charged at an additional $0.21/GB per month.
  • Backup Storage (Add'l) - Physical servers can be backed up by installation of a Enterprise Backup agent. The agent allows for remote administration and backup of the server's data. This service includes up to 100 gigabytes of backup storage for each virtual server.  The customer is charged only when storage exceeds the initial 100 GB, and is charged in 100 GB incremental increases in storage.

Off-Campus Services

Service Cost
Network Wireless Access Points $19.54/month
Network Jacks $9.77/month
On-location technical support  $80/hour plus trip charge

Denver Off-Campus* Services

  • Desktop Services- $80/hour, plus travel time

*Off-campus support is considered any location outside the CU Building, Lawrence Street Center, Lawrence Court, and the Auraria Campus.

Anchutz Desktop Services

Desktop services at the Anschutz Medical Campus are charged at $80/hour.  Travel will be charged on all trips away from the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Pager Rates

Equipment Equipment type Pager Cost (monthly)
1 Way Numeric Standard $5.68
1 Way Alpha-Numeric Standard $9.35
1 Way Nationwide Numeric Standard $22.99
1 Way Nationwide Alpha-Numeric Standard $23.56
2 Way Alpha 2-way pager $25.23

Additional Pager Feature Costs

Features Cost Details
Custom Greeting $1/month
Voicemail (MP1) $2/month 15 msgs/72 hours/60 sec greeting
Voicemail (MP2) $1/month 10 msgs/24 hours/45 sec greeting
Voicemail (MP3) $1/month 10 msgs/12 hours/30 sec greeting
Call forwarding $1.50/month Carbon copy on pagers/can be changed at will
Message carbon copy $4.95/month Hard-programmed carbon copy function

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