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Additional Academic Resources

Cardiovascular and Autonomic Pharmacology: Contains information about synthesis, storage, and function of common ANS neurotransmitters, and information (action, indication, contraindications, and side effects) about common drugs.

Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education: Pathology images, information, and exams in general pathology or by organ system. This site contains reviews on board books, but most importantly, there are bacterial, fungal, and parasite pdf charts to download on the right side of the screen.

Pathology cases: This site contains clinical pathology cases, which are present in the format of clinical history, lab data, and histology slides. Great case review.

World's Database of Medical Mnemonics: Contains useful mnemonics to assist in learning and linking medical concepts. Can use as a web-based tool, or download to a PDA.

Histology World!: This site contains free review questions, atlases, and links.

Medical Pharmacology: This site contains online lecture information, practice questions, and exams about medical pharmacology. A good comprehensive review.

Quia - Flashcards - Anatomic Directions - Body Positions: This site uses the flashcard format to help learn the introductory concepts of anatomical direction and body positions.

Study Skills Self Help Information: This site contains information on how to improve your study skills.