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Goals and Objectives

Blocks, Clerkships, Courses, Threads

Advanced Neurosurgery
NSUR 8014Phase IV
Advanced Urology
SURG 8012Phase IV
Blood & Lymph
IDPT 5003Phase I
Cardiothoracic Advanced Surg
SURG 8008Phase IV
Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Renal Systems
IDPT 5005Phase I
Community and Primary Care
IDPT 7070Phase III
Critical Care St Joseph's AI
MEDS 8034Phase IV
Culture, Health, Equity, and Society
CHES-ThreadPhase All
Digestion, Metabolic, Endocrine Systems
IDPT 6002Phase II
Disease & Defense
IDPT 5004Phase I
Emergency Care
IDPT 7031Phase III
Evidence Based Medicine and Informatics
EBM-threadPhase All
Fam Med Univ Hosp AI
FMMD 8002Phase IV
First Course
SOM FCPre-Matriculation
Fort Collins Family Med AI
FMMD 8023Phase IV
Foundations of Doctoring I
IDPT 5000Phase I
Foundations of Doctoring II
IDPT 6000Phase II
Foundations of Doctoring III
IDPT 7000Phase III
Gen Surg DHMC AI
SURG 8001Phase IV
Gen Surg St Joseph's AI
SURG 8002Phase IV
Gen Surg Univ AI
SURG 8000Phase IV
General Gynecology AI
OBGY 8001Phase IV
General Obstetrics AI
OBGY 8000Phase IV
Gynecologic Oncology AI
OBGY 8005Phase IV
High Risk Maternal/Fet AI
OBGY 8004Phase IV
Hospital Medicine AI
MEDS 8002Phase IV
Hospitalized Adult Care
IDPT 7010Phase III
Human Body
IDPT 5001Phase I
Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism
HEP-ThreadPhase All
Infant, Child and Adolescent Care
IDPT 7020Phase III
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