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Teaching Scholars Program

The Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) offers health professions faculty the opportunity to participate in an 18 month program (August 2020 - March 2022) designed to enhance knowledge and skills, and develop future leaders in medical/healthcare education with a focus on core components of educational scholarship and curriculum development. The certificate program culminates in the development of an education research project or a curriculum development project and is built upon the overall goal of developing a cadre of highly skilled educational scholars and leaders on the Anschutz Medical Campus. 

The program consists of 3 core elements:

      • Afternoon Seminar Series (occurs throughout the academic year & may meet at least twice a month)
      • Curriculum Development Project and/or Education Scholarship Project
      • Faculty Mentorship and Guidance

Core content is covered in the seminar series and continues throughout the year using a variety of independent learning opportunities to meet the needs and schedules of the TSP participants. The content covers aspects of educational theory, adult learning, and educational methods while focusing on educational scholarship, tools for educational research, curriculum development, program evaluation, career development and educational leadership. All participants attend meetings on Tuesday afternoons and pursue a medical/healthcare education research or curriculum development project. Content is presented by faculty during the monthly sessions and TSP participants receive guidance and mentoring as they develop important skills and leadership through educational scholarship. 

TSP participants are expected to commit .10 (10%) FTE that is used to: attend all scheduled sessions on Tuesday afternoons; to work on their project; to complete assigned readings and activities; and, to meet with their mentor(s) and/or TSP leadership about their project and career goals.


Who Can Apply
Faculty from all Schools and Colleges on the AMC are welcome to apply. Following a competitive application process, approximately 12 participants are accepted into each cohort. Six spots within each cohort are reserved for faculty in the School of Medicine. One spot each year is reserved for a fellow whose fellowship is in medical education or clinical education. Fellows and their program directors should contact TSP Leadership specifying the fellow selected to their medical or clinical education fellowship prior to the TSP application deadline. 

Each School/College may submit complete application packets for up to 2 qualified applicants (refer to this page for details of the application process and packet). These applications must include all components described on the website in addition to a letter from their Dean, or supervisor, extending support for the applicant. Applicants from Schools or Colleges outside the School of Medicine must also include a statement in the letter of support that their School or College agrees to pay the tuition cost of $2,600.00 per applicant. No faculty outside of the SOM will be able to participate without this support from their School/College. 

Deadline to Apply is March 12, 2020Applications open February 3, 2020. The deadline for applications for the 2020/2021 TSP cohort is March 12, 2020.  Please note all applications will need to include a concept for a curriculum development or education research project as well as a commitment of protected time from the applicant’s department. Preference will be given to concepts for curriculum development or education research project that align with the MD program curriculum reform:

Example projects related to curriculum reform include:

-Revise the embryology flipped classroom videos for the first phase of the new curriculum

-Co-create clinical cases to holistically frame the learning for a given week in the first phase of the new curriculum

-Development of an Advanced Integrated Science Course, or monthlong course that combines direct advanced clinical care with dedicated didactic learning about the related basic science concepts

-Creation of clinical, or non-clinical, electives for learners to augment their leadership development, or to address other core principles of curriculum reform


Successful applicants must attend a kickoff retreat in September 2020. ​​Please see this page for more details.

Notification of Acceptance
Applicants to the 2020/2021 TSP cohort will receive an email notice no later than April 19, 2020. Applicants will be required to reply to confirm their acceptance to the program, and agreement to the attendance and project conditions to be successful in TSP. Applicants must attend a kickoff retreat in September 2020. This retreat will be in the Denver area. ​​