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Abstract Review Criteria

Education Scholarship & Innovation Symposium

Abstracts will be reviewed as either research or an educational innovation based on the following criteria. Thank you to COMSEP for the original scoring criteria.


Ö       The basic purpose of the research/project is clear

Ö       The objectives of the research/project address a problem of importance


Ö       The author shows an understanding of existing literature

Ö       The author links the existing literature to the research/project


Ö       The methods chosen and applied are appropriate for the research/project

Ö       The methods are clearly explained

 Analysis / Evaluation

Ö       The research analysis / project evaluation is appropriate for the respective research/project

Ö       The analysis/evaluation is clearly explained


Ö       There is evidence of significant research outcome / success of the project

o    For innovations, prelim results are acceptable or a plan for collecting results

Ö       The results contribute notably to the field


Ö       Accurate interpretation of results

Ö       Possible recommendations for education, practice or policy


Ö       The writing is clear

Ö       Each section is appropriately linked to other sections​