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Frequently Asked Questions

If a department chair decides not to renew a faculty member’s appointment, is the faculty member entitled to notice?

​The University of Colorado Denver recently modified the schedule for providing notice of non-reappointment. These policies apply to non-tenured faculty members who hold limited or indeterminate appointments.

Limited Term Appointments

Effective July 1, 2012: One year’s notice of non-reappointment is required for full-time faculty members holding limited term appointments, after three or more years of service to the university. Three months’ notice is required for faculty members in their first year of service at the University, and six months’ notice is required for those in their second or third year of service. Written notice of a chair’s intent not to renew a faculty member’s appointment can be provided at any time.

Indeterminate Appointments

Similar notice must be provided to faculty members holding indeterminate appointments if their appointment will not be continued for reasons other than availability of funding (as outlined in the letter-of-offer).

At-Will Appointments

Faculty members holding at-will appointments may see their appointments end at any time, without notice (although certain constitutional protections apply). In addition, as outlined in the university policy, “as a courtesy, university administrators may provide advance notice of non-reappointment to at-will employees, when feasible.” 

Faculty members holding limited or indeterminate appointments may not be re-assigned to at-will appointments unless proper notice is provided.

For more information about the differences among tenured, limited, indeterminate and at-will faculty appointments, see the FAQ section on the Faculty Affairs website.​​ ​​