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Resources for Women

Resources for Women

Information for Women with Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

Many organizations and resources exist to assist women who are faced with the unique challenges that come to those managing a bleeding or clotting disorder. These conditions require special care and attention, and these resources can be helpful. Please note that these resources are not a part of the HTC, but external organizations that provide care, information, education, opportunities and options for women with bleeding and clotting disorders. Always refer with your physician about particular medical advice that you may find online.  

Our local chapter works closely with our center to serve affected women in Colorado, parts of Montana and Wyoming to provide education, financial assistance, youth and community activities. Events, education and opportunities for women with bleeding disorders can be accessed through this local group.   

The Rocky Mountain Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Association

Our center serves patients mostly from Colorado but we do have patients who live in Wyoming and Montana. The RMHBDA is a non-profit that is there to support women with bleeding disorders who live in the Wyoming and Montana areas.  Our center often works in conjunction with the RMHBDA with regional education and activities for patients and families.

Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders

This non-profit organization provides education and information to benefit women and girls affected by bleeding disorders. The site is designed to provide a source where physicians, healthcare providers and patients can find information and is dedicated to helping women achieve the correct diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and problems that may result.

Victory for Women with Blood Disorders

Victory for Women is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of women's bleeding disorders, providing education, support, skills and resources to advocate for their healthcare needs. They offer educational resources, support and activities for women including scholarships, conferences, training and involvement with the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Additional Resources for Women

Searching the internet for information about a condition can be filled with frightening and misleading  information. Although we recommend you always consult your physician for medical advice, there are some resources online that can provide helpful and accurate information to women living with bleeding and clotting disorders. The National Library of Medicine provides very easy to navigate site about many health topics, including bleeding disorders, at their MedlinePlus website. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has very detailed information on Hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease and other blood related conditions. Another great online resource for women with bleeding or clotting conditions is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.