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Research Concepts Explained

How do you determine authors?

Authorship on abstracts, presentations, and publications should be granted to any individual who makes a contribution to the work.

What is the difference between consultation and collaboration?

A consultation is normally a relatively simple, one-time project that while important, does not necessitate repeated contact with the researcher, whereas collaboration is a long-term research partnership with funding support through extramural grants and contracts. The biostatistics faculty members are eager to collaborate with other investigators to find solutions for complex scientific problems that affect human health.

How to Handle Protected Health Information (PHI)

Information pertaining to specific individuals is protected by HIPAA. Special issues may arise with transferring data and the permissions of the analyst to view and/or store the data. The investigator needs to de-identify data by removing any problematic fields that would mitigate these issues and assist in an efficient analysis.

What is reproducible research?

"Reproducible Research (RR) is the practice of distributing, along with a research publication, all data, software source code, and tools required to reproduce the results discussed in the publication. As such the RR package not only describes the research and its results, but becomes a complete laboratory in which the research can be reproduced and extended." (Source: CTSPedia)

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