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15 to Finish


An undergraduate degree at CU Denver requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. If you take at least 15 credit hours during Fall and Spring semesters, or a combination of 30 credit hours during a calendar year in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, you’ll be able to graduate in four years. Studies by Complete College America show that students who follow this plan do better academically, take on less student loan debt and are more likely to achieve their bachelor’s degree​.

Download a copy of the 15 to Finish advising plan​. Discuss it with your advisor.​​​​​​​

Graduate on Time

Summer Session is the perfect time to catch up, if you need additional credits to achieve 30 credit hours per year.

Summer in the city

National Study: Increase Your GPA

Students who take 15 credits each semester earn higher grades and still have a life. They are more likely to graduate on time.

Make it count