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Clinical & Translational Research Centers (CTRC)

National Jewish Health CTRC Inflammation & Immunology Core Lab

Our focus is specialized immunologic assays relevant to immunity and inflammation and not clinical diagnostic assays. We have access to coordinate with the National Jewish Health clinical immunology labs with in-house pricing, providing investigators access to unique immunology and inflammation assays.

All services are provided as fee-for-service resources.


  • Immunofluorescent Cell Staining (PBMCs, lymphyocytes, RBCs, BAL and induced sputum)
  • Flow Cytometry Analysis (Cell Quest Pro and Flowjo)
  • Lymphocyte Proliferation Assays (including responses to beryllium and various steroids)
  • Proliferation Assays using cancer cell lines to determine the effectiveness of drug therapy
  • Cell Culturing +/- various stimulation
  • DNA extraction from whole blood and various tissues and skin swabs
  • Cell isolations (PBMC, BAL, sputum, CD4+ selection)
  • RNA extraction from whole blood and various tissues
  • Isolation and storage of serum, plasma, PBMCs, BAL, and sputum; cryopreserve and snap freeze cells; prepare slides and perform differential cell counts; prepare and store urine samples; extract and store/assay supernatants from cell culture; extract buffy coat for storage or DNA extraction; prepare lung biopsies for analysis; prepare lung brushings for analysis; prepare and store whole blood; perform colony forming assays on cell lines; develop new assays as needed

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