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University of Colorado Denver

Community Standards and Wellness

About Us

Office Mission Statement


 The office of Community Standards & Wellness serves as a resource to the entire University community through its efforts to meet the development and educational needs of students related to community expectations, civility and respect for self and others. We function to support community members with conflict management and resolution, and responding to inappropriate and threatening behaviors. We provide student-centered educational services which promote personal development and individual responsibility. We strive to create a dynamic, open and just environment where civility, cultural competence, and learning are expected and celebrated.  


Overall Office Goals

  • To develop, disseminate, interpret campus policies and procedures related to community standards and expectations.
  • Protect the rights of students in the administration of the student conduct program.
  • Respond to the student behavioral concerns in a fair, reasonable and efficient manner.
  • To promote a campus environment that encourages dialogue, mutual respect and cultural sensitivity.
  • Initiate and encourage educational activities that serve to reduce violation of campus regulations and increase the health and wellness of the campus community.
  • To foster collaborative partnership that allow for a holistic approach to supporting and developing healthy, engaged and productive students and citizens.
    Our Staff!




    Programs and Resources

    Here at the office of Community Standards and Wellness we offer a variety of resources and programs to the public such as:




    • Drunk Driving Simulator
    • Boo's and Booze
    • Reverse Trick or Treating
    • Drug Abuse Awareness
    • Great American Smoke Out
    • World Aids Day
    • Holidays Around the World
    • New Years Resolution Assistance
    • Blood Drives
    • Various Workshops relating to Alcohol, Drugs, and Wellness
    • Blood Alcohol Concentration Wheels for both men and women
    • A Library full of books and dvds for the public for students,staff, and faculty to check out
    • Informational Brochures on awareness of alcohol, drugs, and wellness


    Contact Information

    Larry Loften  


    Contact Number: 303-556-2444


    Jill Creighton  

     I am one of two full-time professional staff members in the Office of Community Standards & Wellness.  In my capacity, I serve as a housing liaison between the University of Colorado Denver and our student housing, as a student conduct officer, as a Wellness educator, and as a case manager for our Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment team.  I love working directly with our five peer health educators (PHE’s) to create campus programs surrounding Wellness topics that closely affect the college student population, especially since I was a PHE as an undergraduate student.  This is my first full academic year with UC Denver, though I’ve worked within the CU system since 2007 at the Boulder campus.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in music from Central Washington University and  Master of Education degree in College Student Services Administration from Oregon State University.


    Contact Number: 303-556-2444

     Sarah Burrows  

     Hello or should I say Ni hao! I am a student at University of Colorado Denver however I am currently studying abroad in China and will be away for the next few months. I will miss everyone in the office of Community Standards and Wellness dearly and can not wait to come back and continue my work!


     Jasmine Crane  

    Hi! My name is Jasmine Crane and I am a Graduate Assistant helping with Off-Campus Student Housing.  I am helping to create a new off-campus student housing website for students that will include tips and tricks on living alone, as well as property listings and a place to find potential roommates.  I also assist our PHE’s with programming and I work to help students find housing on an individual basis.  I am a current student in the Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education Program and I’m working toward a Masters in Couple and Family Therapy. 


     Shawn Sulehria  

    My name is Shawn Sulehria. I am currently a student at the University of Colorado Denver planning to major in business with a economics minor. I enjoy working in the office of Community Standards and Wellness because it allows me to meet interesting people and be involved with the school.


     Carrie Kuhrt  

     Hey, my name's Carrie  and I'm a Peer Health Educator at Community Standards and Wellness. I'm currently a Junior at the University of Colorado Denver, working on my prerequisites to get into Nursing School with a communications minor. I'm originally from Pueblo, CO. I enjoy helping students and planning events on campus. One day, I would hope to be a trauma nurse or a nurse on Flight for Life.


     Kelly Amaryllis  

    Hi, my name is Amaryllis, and I am the Graduate Assistant for Wellness Programs.  I work closely with the Office of Community Standards and Wellness and the UCD Student and Community Counseling Center in order to maximize the accessibility of wellness resources for UCD students and assist our Peer Health Educators with wellness programming and events on campus.   Currently I am also a graduate student in the Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education program at the University of Colorado Denver.  I enjoy engaging with and being of service to my community both on and off campus and I am passionate about helping others to achieve health and wellness in all aspects of their lives.



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