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Student Conduct and Community Standards

Common Sanctions

Monetary Restitution

You are required to remit monetary restitution to the individual or organization listed on your decision form to compensate for this incident.  Your due date and amount can also be found on your decision form.  If your restitution is related to a court case, you must demonstrate that you have paid such restitution via the court process.
Written Reflection
You are required to compose a written reflection paper based on the prompt as indicated on your decision letter.  You should consider this paper to be no different than one you would submit to a professor for class. This paper must be written in font size 12, double-spaced with standard margins and to the appropriate length as specified on your decision form. Before submitting it, it should be proofread and grammatically correct. It is important for you to know that the conduct officer reserves the right to increase your current sanction and/or require you to re-submit the paper if there are mistakes, inappropriate language or messages. Being aware of this, it is in your best interest to turn the paper in early, in case any revisions are necessary.  You may submit your essay via email or you can drop it off in Tivoli 227.
Success Plan
You are required to create a personal success plan detailing how you plan to resist the temptations of alcohol and/or drugs while at the University of Colorado. This plan should include alternative activities in which you may participate, a list of friends and/or family members with whom you can spend time in a sober state, campus resources you might utilize, and any other elements that may contribute to your success as a student and as a sober person. Additionally, this plan should include how you plan to make safe decisions if you do choose to consume alcohol. This is due no later than the date listed on your decision form.

Education Course for Drugs and/or Alcohol

The purpose of education courses is to learn about societal values related to consumption, physical, social, and pyschological effects of drugs or alcohol, and the relevant campus, local, state, and federal laws relating to drug or alcohol possession and consumption. The date, time, and location of the course will be included in the decision letter. Once the education course has been completed, a reflection paper will be required.

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