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University of Colorado Denver

The Counseling Center


Offered Spring 2014


Building Social Confidence  

Learn to tame your anxiety and develop the skills you need to meet people and have friends. Small, supportive group environment offered. Wednesdays, 11:30-12:30 for six weeks, beginning mid-February. (intake required)

Harm Reduction

A support group for students learning to reduce or abstain from using substances. This group will focus on harm reduction strategies; teach refusal skills, and ways to interact safely and responsibly in social settings. Call us at 303-556-4372 to schedule your intake. Mondays, 4:00-5:30.

Depression Recovery:  
Participants gain the insight, support, and skills necessary to rebound from depression, cultivate resilience, and prevent relapse. Both educational and experiential, the group offers an environment where participants can learn how to overcome the darkness, inertia, and isolation of depression and engage more fully in the relationships and activities that make for a more vital life. Thursdays from 11:30-1.​

Click here to register or call us at 303-556-4372 for more information!​


Test Anxiety Workshops 

We team up with the Learning Resource Center to help you learn tools to reduce test anxiety and study more effectively.  This workshop emphasizes study strategies and planning for tests as well as practical tips to reduce stress and anxiety.  Thursday, March 13th from 12:30-1:45.    

Managing your Mood 

Are you having trouble managing feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, impulsiveness or anxiety?  Emotional Regulation teaches how to understand your emotions and to develop more resiliency. This workshop will teach you to take charge of your emotions and improve your interactions with others.  You will gain tools to openly identify and discuss troublesome feelings.  You will build awareness and acceptance of areas of yourself you may currently dislike. Community members are welcome to join this group for $10, CU Denver students are free.

Managing Your Mood I
Mondays: from 2-4 on 2/17 and 3/10
Wednesdays: from 5-7 on 2/26 and 3/19
Thursdays: from 1-3 on 3/6 and 4/10

Manage Your Mood II
Monday: from 2-4 on 4/7 and Thursday from 1-3 on 4/17

Peace of Mind 

Do you find yourself dwelling on the past or the future and not able to be in the present? Would you like to worry less, stop beating yourself up, and fully engage in life? Mindfulness is the skill of staying in the here and now.  It’s the ability to be aware of balance and positively respond to both your internal experiences (sensations, energy levels, thoughts, emotions, impulses) as well as to what is happening around you. Community members are welcome to join this group for $10, CU Denver students are free.

Peace of Mind I
Mondays: from 2-4 on 2/10 and 4/21
Wednesdays: from 5-7 on 2/19 and 3/5
Thursdays: from 1-3 on 2/27 and 4/3

Peace of Mind II
Monday: from 2-4 on 3/31 and Wednesday: from 5-7 on 4/30 

Stress Less

Stress less teaches you how to increase your effectiveness under pressure.  You will learn how to tolerate frustration, calm yourself down when you are feeling overwhelmed, develop a crisis survival network, create your own create your own stress busting tool kit, and keep stress in perspective.  You will have the opportunity to engage in some fun activities and talk with others about ways to handle frustration and stress. Community members are welcome to join this group for $10, CU Denver students are free.

Stress Less I
Mondays: from 2-4 on 2/24 and 3/17
Wednesdays: from 5-7 on 2/12 and 4/23
Thursdays from 1-3 2/20 and 3/13

Stress Less II
Monday: from 2-4 on 4/28 and Wednesday from 5-7 on 4/2

Getting What You Want in Relationships: The Family Room, The Work Room and the Bedroom.  

Do you have difficulty asking for what you need, saying “NO”, or coping with conflict? Interpersonal Effectiveness teaches you how to have functional, satisfying relationships. In this workshop, you will learn to understand your priorities and how to best meet them.  You will learn skills to build healthy lasting relationships, and interpersonal boundaries. Community members are welcome to join this group for $10, CU Denver students are free.

Getting What You Want in Relationships I
Mondays: from 2-4 on 3/3 and 4/14
Wednesdays from 5-7 on 3/12 and 4/9
Thursdays from 1-3 on  2/13 and 4/24

Getting What You Want in Relationships II
Wednesday from 5-7 on 4/16 and Thursday from 1-3 on 3/20

Click here to register or call us at 303-556-4372 for more information!​​

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