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Internship Success Stories

Elizabeth Tang, Hospice of Saint John

The Experiential Learning Center is committed to developing quality internships that provide real-world professional experiences for CU Denver students. The following Success Stories provide an overview of the jobs students do when they participate in internships. Students are given the option of participating in a site visit and having their internship profiled on our website.

If you're currently participating in an internship and are interested in having your experience featured on our website, please contact your Internship Advisor who will schedule a site visit at your workplace. During a site visit, your Internship Advisor will meet your site supervisor/mentor, take a few pictures of where you work, and tour the facility. The visit usually takes a maximum of one hour. 

Business School

​The first choice of Denver's working professionals for 25 years, the Business School at CU Denver has been developing leaders capable of changing the business world for the better. The Business School is a mirror of the Rocky Mountain West community—]diverse, proud and innovative.

The school prides itself on providing a serious education for the seriously motivated. Graduates leave with the technical savvy, global perspectives and interpersonal skills that fuel careers of significance. We invite you to discover more about the Business School.

Jorge Diaz-Pardo: Graduate Student, Business
Honorary Consultant of Russia in Denver
Marketing Intern 

I dealt with unique cases and needs of Russian nationals in Colorado, engaged in research on Russian business practices as well as the study of foreign policy and economic issues. I helped organize the Honorary Russian Consulate of Denver reception and did marketing research, database management and spent time creating office operational instructions. 

The internship will definitely be a plus for my graduate experience and classroom education was a key component of my success in carrying out internship responsibilities. This internship expanded my experience and knowledge of international business and international affairs. I gained a valuable understanding of the market segmentation process. 

Employer Comments: “Jorge developed an amazing capacity to understand Russian business issues and performed exceptionally well in his research. Jorge’s marketing skills were invaluable and he exhibited strong leadership qualities. He has a bright future ahead of him.”


Lyndsay Marchbanks: Junior, Business/Marketing
Colorado rapids
Street Team Intern

I was part of a “street team” that promoted the Rapids at soccer-related events all over Colorado. Promotions included Rapids team mascot shows, player autograph signings, and sponsoring our soccer club. I attended every home game, helped with pregame activities and I was also involved in every half time show. My duties also included office days where I created reports, prepared flyers, and researched potential sponsorships. 

This internship satisfied me personally and met my learning objectives beyond initial expectations. I learned more about what it takes to work in a Marketing/Sponsorship department and this opportunity has served as a positive step towards that ultimate career goal.



Francisco Munoz Martin: Junior,
Electrical Engineering
Stanley Consultants
Electrical Engineering Intern

I assisted engineers with design tasks including induction studies, substation ground grid designs, soil resistivity models, fault calculations, voltage drop calculations for substation equipment, relay settings, and checking design drawings. I was actively involved with ongoing projects and given reasonable amounts of responsibility for daily tasks.

Engineering design at Stanley Consultants was directly related to my study of power systems at CU Denver. I learned how the power industry operates in the real world, gained valuable knowledge of the industry, and got helpful experience in the field.

Employer Comments: “Francisco was extremely helpful in our engineering work. Not only did he take over some time-consuming tasks, but he also took lead roles in major studies and calculations.”


Pilaipun Pornsinsirirak: Graduate Student,

Information Systems
GE Infrastructure
Service Cost Productivity Intern

As a service cost productivity intern, I worked in the area of transportation. The main project I worked on was the combo frequency, which provided management with increased accuracy in evaluating the cost of product usage. I also worked on optimizing internal database and business process applications, designed the alternative IT system, specified systems operation performance and worked on presentation strategy for end-users. 

The exposure to a huge information technology system enhanced my understanding of the broad, yet detailed concept of adapting IT in the real business world. I also learned a new programming language, a variety of new software applications and how to perform well within a large organizational system. This internship was a great step toward achieving my career goals.

Employer Comments: “Pilaipun had an uncanny ability to transform ambiguous situations into practical results. She had a keen sense to highlight quality concerns and then present clear resolutions.”


Murali Munuswamy: Graduate,
Marketing Intern

My job was to analyze competitor’s P&L statements and prepare financial summaries for upper management review. I wrote weekly intelligence newsletters to keep the company informed on the latest news and developments in the respiratory health and monitoring space. I also participated in business model developments by determining marketing trends, market opportunity, and the size of currently served markets. 

Covidien provided me with one-on-one sessions to learn about tools and techniques capable of assessing market opportunities, market size, and competition. This internship helped me identify what type of career would best suit my skills and interests, facilitated my real-world problem solving skills and helped me develop lifelong professional and social talents.

Employer Comments: “Murali expanded our capabilities, helped us accomplish things we would not be able to attend otherwise and gave us the chance to groom someone for a future full-time role.”


Benjamin Warren: Senior,
Colorado Rapids
Street Team/Game Entertainment Intern

My internship entailed marketing, corporate sponsorship, and game entertainment for the Colorado Rapids professional soccer team. I did data research and data entry on potential sponsorship clients and visited community functions to broaden consumer knowledge of the Colorado Rapids. Game entertainment duties involved planning and execution of the events before and during the game.

The job was directly related to my marketing major and I learned how a professional sports entertainment business gains corporate sponsorship and markets its product. The Rapids organization offered comprehensive training programs, which enhanced my education in team building, organization, and multitasking. This internship allowed real-time participation and helped me get my foot in the door of my future career

Employer Comments: “Ben was a great intern. He excelled at task management.”​

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) affords students the opportunity to study with poets, physicists, psychologists, and economists, among others. Critical thinking and transferable skills are central to the liberal arts and sciences education.

CLAS faculty are award-winning professors, researchers and writers. An intellectual powerhouse, they pursue research and creative work that advances the broad knowledge in their fields, while including their students in faculty-mentored research and engagement with the community.

Patrick Riley: Senior,
English/English Writing
Museum of Contemporary Art

I directed a writing workshop in which we discussed poetry and the ways in which it can be reflected into other art forms. I teamed with a University of Denver graduate student to prepare and discuss writings that were in direct correlation with the art exhibits showcased at MCA Denver. I also worked as an editor to help refine MCA documents.

This internship provided the necessary training to prepare me for an editor’s job. When I edited MCA Denver documents, I learned how to refine writing without changing the meaning or intention of the document. The internship will look good on my resume and gave me a great background in teaching.

Employer Comments: “Patrick helped edit documents for the educational department, revise our master plan and organize and write an educational workshop. It was rewarding to mentor Patrick and see his focus on writing.”


Jolene Gault: Graduate Student,
Biology, Geography, GIS/Biological Safety
UC Denver Environmental Health and Safety
BioSafety Intern

I reviewed NIH guidelines for research involving recombinant DNA molecules, assisted in development of CU Denver biosafety policies, and helped the faculty provide complete and accurate information for documents eligible for IBC review and approval. 

The internship fit my major and learning objectives like a glove. I completed both BBP/Exposure Control Training and Hazardous Waste Generator Training. I also obtained first-hand knowledge of regulatory standards for the Biosafety Program at CU Denver. I gained an understanding of the biological safety principles and practices in research, clinical, and academic environments. It was great to be able to connect with people in the field and develop networking and resources. I would recommend this internship to students interested the environmental and public health fields.

Employer Comments: “I feel very fortunate that Jolene joined our team as an intern. She was a hard worker, actively looked for challenges and opportunities, understood the research work and quickly grasped the regulatory concepts.”


Nicole Nowak: Senior,
Invesco Field at Mile High-Stadium Management Company
Mile High Intern

The internship involved recording and comparing fan ingress and egress at Bronco games, writing and recording credentials for game days, turnstile problem tracking, and editing contracts for clients. Staffing plans for events and website research were also included in my duties. I was encouraged to assess situations independently and contribute real-time recommendations.

I learned how to work in a professional business setting and how to communicate with different departments in order to execute stadium events effectively. The internship refined my career goals and strengthened my professional communication skills.

Employer Comments: “Nicole was a great intern for us. She managed multiple projects, met deadlines week in and week out, worked autonomously and I was always pleased with her performance.”


Natasha Zenhari: Senior,
Lost and Found, Inc.
Counseling Intern

I was considered a co-therapist, operating as a “wing man” to the lead therapist. I recorded therapy-specific counseling notes and prepared them for archiving. I received PQI training as well as training in the licensing of play and art therapy.

This internship applied directly my major and I experienced a preview of what I hope to be doing in my future career. This was a realistic job preview and I was surprised to learn how many different factors were taken into consideration besides client contact. My experiences at Lost and Found will help my career by giving me an idea of what to expect.

Employer Comments: “Natasha excelled at direct client contact, showed strong clinical consultation skills with an openness to learning and was a top-notch asset to our outpatient treatment team!”​

College of Arts and Media

The first college in Colorado devoted exclusively to arts and entertainment, the College of Arts and Media understands the influence of modern trends on traditional art forms. We combine the latest technology with traditional methods, and we encourage our students to incorporate their discoveries of art's emerging dimensions with our comprehensive instruction on its classical forms.

At the College of Arts and Media, we inspire your artistic spirit while developing your problem solving skills, allowing you to not only increase your technical knowledge, but to also grasp the practical and professional application of your artistic endeavors.

Sophia Rispoli: Junior,
AEG Live - Rocky Mountains
AEG Intern

I communicated with agents of upcoming live shows in Denver and created MySpace advertising blasts for them. I routinely updated ticket count tracking programs, updated my supervisor’s bulletin board calendar and sent email notifications to business partners. At the Larimer Lounge venue, I made tickets and flyers, prepared advertising posters, and updated information systems. 

I learned a lot about the marketing and communication business practices that classroom environments could not cover. The AEG Live employees were extremely helpful in integrating my academic communication experience to a real workplace. The best aspect of this position was interacting with bands and agents throughout the country.

Employer Comments: “Sophia took care of ticketing, marketing, database updating, and contacting bands for advance shows. She was a good communicator, team-oriented, and a fast learner.”


Amy Shannon: Sophomore,
Film and Video Production: Post Production
Invesco Field at Mile High
Creative Services Department Intern

I participated in video production at Invesco Field. This included live scoreboard presentations, entertainment features produced by Creative Services staff, video editing and post-production work. I also attended all staff and pre-production planning meetings.

This internship helped me develop editing and pre-production planning skills. I worked on the production side of capturing videos for the game openers and film displayed during games. Meeting professional athletes was exciting, educational, and a surprise for me. The best aspects of the internship were developing ideas for video productions, doing film shoots, and seeing the finished product on the Jumbotron at the stadium. Working with Invesco Creative Services was exciting and helped me prepare for a video production career.

Employer Comments: “Amy was a very fast learner, acted as a key contributor to the organization and was exceptionally professional. Amy was very well organized, very attentive to details and a very effective communicator.”


Noah Lyman: Senior,
Content Intern

I performed a variety of tasks related to the licensing, processing and distribution of Real Tones and Ring-Back Tones (RBT’s). My main duties included performing Q&A on incoming content to screen for mature or inappropriate material, licensing content for international sale, and labeling and categorizing content for marketing purposes. I saw first-hand how digital distribution channels operate.

My internship expanded my knowledge and gave me experience which has made me more confident about my future career. This experience will, no doubt, look good on my resume. In addition, I made several valuable connections that will be instrumental in acquiring a job in the future.

Employer Comments: “Noah’s work in the office was professional. His advanced level of communication, MS Excel skills and music knowledge were highly appreciated by the ZED team.”


Erik Skinner: Senior,
Film-Video Production
ABC Television
Video Editing Intern

I edited video footage for television broadcast and editing practice, archived video tapes and helped photographers on production sets. The most useful aspects of my work had to do with storytelling, production, and the use of available media to tell a story. I didn’t expect to actually cut video that would go on air, so that was a treat.

The experience of working on broadcast television gave me an extra advantage in pursuing a video production career because I gained knowledge of the live broadcast environment. I also learned broadcast standards and how to generate a quality video product on a deadline. Because I had the opportunity to work on so many stories, I gained many additions for my editing reel portfolio.

Joel Santaguida: Senior,
Film and Video Production/Writing-Directing
Denver Open Media
Production Intern

I was given a large amount of autonomy and individual responsibility throughout the internship. My daily activities included teaching video production classes, capturing and editing videos, and guiding clients through their own projects. I also participated in a six-hour user’s course in Final Cut Pro software. 

I was a part of a professional video production atmosphere, gained hands-on experience in teaching video production, and I was able to apply organization and production skills in real-life work situations. I was also taught precision video capturing, organizing, and editing techniques that will be important assets to my future career.

Employer Comments: “Joel excelled at completing tasks and projects. He was a dedicated learner that we enjoyed having work here.”​

College of Engineering, Design, and Computing

The College of Engineering, Design, and Computing provides a diverse community with an accessible, quality education and produces a professionally oriented graduate who is interested in solving real-world problems.

The College of Engineering, Design, and Computing equips all engineering graduates with the solid knowledge in applied sciences and mathematics needed to solve challenging problems in their respective engineering disciplines.


David Baca: Senior,
Electrical Engineering/Power
Xcel Energy
Area Engineer Intern

As an Area Engineer Intern, I shadowed the work that my boss performed on a daily basis. We did office duties and paperwork, investigated power outages, and planned future projects with the design management teams of Xcel.

The internship was a perfect fit for my courses of study! I experienced professional standards as a soon-to-be engineer in the power industry and got an understanding of Xcel internal systems. I was surprised to discover that Denver’s underground power system is so large. I was also unaware that so many people are a part of making things happen from the ground up (and the ground down under)! The best aspect of the internship was being a part of solving problems.
Employer Comments: “David helped immensely in reducing the burden on the distribution area engineers by conducting weekly REMS investigations and answering outage complaints for various divisions within the Denver metro area.”

Kevin Harris: Junior,
Engineering: Electrical Engineering
Peak Power Engineering, Inc.
Electrical Engineering Intern

My duties included engineering research, design, technical writing, field investigation, and interaction with higher-level engineers. I performed electric power installations of transmission and distribution lines. I was directly responsible for interaction with clients and worked with computers and various software packages in stand-alone configurations as well as network setups.

The internship will definitely help me advance my career. I was able to select and apply engineering theories, principles and concepts in electrical engineering with a working knowledge of power systems and other related disciplines.
Employer Comments: “Kevin is a hardworking, highly responsible individual who conducts himself professionally at all times and produces quality work.”

Sulistiyo Indah: Graduate Student, Engineering: Electrical Engineering
UC Synergetic Design
Electrical Engineering Intern

The resident power engineer and I were teamed to design and lay out cost effective electrical facilities to serve residential and commercial customers. I used engineering calculations to ensure that electric and related structural facilities met specifications and design criteria. I also conducted field checks, met with customers, and assisted in the development of accurate and complete work packages to support utility construction.

I have a better understanding of how real-life policies and standards affect the approach of power utility design. I also learned how to express ideas, present reports to various professionals and project a professional image. Working at Synergetic Design was a turning point for me and I wouldn’t trade this experience for any of my other classes.

Employer Comments: “Sulistiyo met the needs of her customers in a timely manner and with minimal supervision. She was a hard worker with an upbeat demeanor and was a valuable asset to our organization.”​

School of Public Affairs

The School of Public Affairs is working hard to lead the field of public service, solve the pressing social issues of our time and change communities for the better by participating in leading edge research and preparing the next generation of public and nonprofit leaders.

Corielyn Cummins: Junior,
Criminal Justice
Boulder Police Department
Police Intern

The Boulder Police Department assigned me to work in several areas including, Traffic Enforcement, Detectives Bureau, Patrol, Dispatch, and Records. I assisted in research, ticket writing, and report archival. Role-play interaction and communications courses were also part of my training regimen. Formal training, offered as a part of the internship, took place at the Citizen's Academy. Academy training was a comprehensive look at the many responsibilities police officers typically have on the job. 

My major at CU Denver was Criminal Justice. Everything I learned in college I applied to my police internship. This internship gave me first-hand experience in the criminal justice system.

I learned how to become a police officer, as well as learning strategies to succeed in the application process and at the police academy. I understand what skills and traits are important to a police officer and I made contacts in the field where I want to work. I was able to participate in the Citizen’s Academy to supplement my internship experience.

Employer Comments: “Corielyn's maturity and communications skills were more developed than many other interns we have worked with in the past. It was a pleasure having her as an intern. Corielyn took full advantage of the opportunities that this internship offered."​

Pre-Health Majors

The pre-medical program prepares a student to apply for admission to a medical school. Medical schools require that you have a B.A. or B.S. degree in some academic area.The medical school program lasts four years, culminating in the awarding of an M.D. degree and is followed by several years of residency in the specialty of your choice.


Lauren Ostry: Senior,
Arapahoe County Coroner
Autopsy Technician Intern

I got the opportunity to assist with autopsies learn pathology procedures. I removed organs from cadavers and packaged samples for delivery to pathologists.

This internship helped me understand human anatomy through real-life experience and become more comfortable with surgical procedures. Each autopsy was an on-the-job classroom. I gained a better understanding of pathology and learned about pulmonary embolisms. I learned to view the process with professional interest through the lens of scientific observation.

Employer Comments: “Lauren was a pleasure to have in our office; she was very willing to participate in a variety of learning opportunities and never hesitated to get involved with different aspects of case management.”


Hannah Buckman: Sophomore,
Shalom Park
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Pre-Health Intern

I cared for the elderly patients that needed 24-hour nursing, requiring me to practice the twenty-four skills set forth by the state board CNA examination. The skills included toileting, feeding, transferring, ambulating, charting, operation of breathing equipment, and monitoring vital signs.
This internship required real-life care taking skills that could only be acquired outside the classroom. I learned communication skills that allowed me to interact effectively not only with residents of Shalom Park but also with colleagues and classmates. Because of this internship, I am more confident in my ability to care for those unable to express their needs.

Employer Comments: “Hannah was a great team player and excelled in learning her skills quickly and effectively.”

Terra Meister: Senior,
Rainbow Bridge
Youth and Elder Intern

My principal activity entailed creating a new database. Specific tasks included updating all print, radio, and television contact information and then integrating that information in the new database. As a youth and elder group leader, I was also able to lead orientations and programs. I provided kids with activities such as singing, reading, and visiting with the elderly.

I learned many office and data collecting tasks, how to effectively communicate with diverse resident groups and how to coordinate multiple tasks on time. I was exposed to diverse groups of people with very different needs and established a network of professional interest.

Employer Comments: “Terra helped by taking on the media project in order to update our database and was able to accurately complete the goal in a timely manner. She also completed leadership training that allowed our team to complete help programs and orientations.”​

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