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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Your Position Qualify as an Internship?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your position will qualify:

Is the work academically relevant?
Will there be sufficient learning opportunities?
Is the work meaningful and appropriate for a college student?
Will the student have an opportunity to observe professionals in action?
Will there be appropriate on-site supervision?
Do you have appropriate resources for the student to do the job?

Hiring an Intern

What majors and academic programs are offered at CU Denver?
I want to hire an intern. How do I get started?
What is the purpose of the Internship Learning Agreement?
To pay or not to pay?
How does the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) apply to internships?
Can I hire a student as an independent contractor?
Once I submit my internship description, what should I expect?
Are there specific qualifications for students to participate in an internship?
Will I interview the candidates or will you assign an intern to my company?
Who determines the rate of pay?
Does the student pay our organization for their internship?

For a complete list of requirements please see our Policies & Guidelines

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