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FERPA and Advising FAQs

 What if I’m concerned about my student? Can I contact their academic advisor?

​​Of course!  Again, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your student, but you may certainly reach out to your student’s advisor to express your concerns.  Advisors are in a great position to help connect your student with a variety of available campus resources, and we want to partner with you to help ensure your student’s success.  There may be times when an advisor doesn’t know a student is struggling, but the parent does (or vice versa), so a partnership is best to direct students to resources that meet their needs.  Please remember, however, that advisors will likely not be able to discuss specific details regarding their follow-up and conversations with the student.

There are exceptions stated within FERPA that allow university officials to discuss concerns related to students’ health and safety.  See more information on specific FERPA policies on the Registrar’s Office website.​​


 What is FERPA?

​​The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that governs and protects students’ rights and privacy regarding their st​udent record.  The CU Denver Registrar’s Office has provided further information to help you understand FERPA here.


 Can I call and talk with my student’s academic advisor about his class schedule and academic progress?

​The academic advisor may be able to provide general academic information that is applicable for all students (i.e. GPA needed to remain in good standing, registration dates, drop/add deadlines, etc.).  Academic advisors will not be able to discuss your student’s specific course schedule, grades, or academic progress with you, unless written consent has been given by the student (see below).  We encourage you to have an open line of communication with your student in which you can discuss these topics with them directly. 

Students may give written consent for university officials to discuss specific aspects of their university record by completing the Release of Confidential Information FormThis form must be submitted in person, by the student, with a photo ID. 


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